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5 Thousand Yemeni Republican Guard Soldiers Turn Themselves In | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Viewpoint of the city of Aden- Yemen

Viewpoint of the city of Aden- Yemen

Viewpoint of the city of Aden- Yemen

Jeddah- Over five thousand Yemeni Republican Guard soldiers and officers supporting the ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh have turned themselves in to the National Army of Yemen. Among those who surrendered are 3250 who have arrived at the 4th military district, in preparation for participating at the anticipated Taiz military confrontation against Houthi and pro-Saleh supporting militias.

The battle is expected to take place over the few upcoming days. Moreover, military leaderships are trying to reach senior officials that stood out and abstained from participating in the insurgency.

Commander of the Aden 4th military district Brig. Ahmed Saif told Asharq Al-Awsat that large numbers of soldiers belonging to the Yemeni Republican Guard have fled their boot camps and joined pro-legitimacy zones in their region. It is remarkable that some groups of soldiers and officers have even joined pro-legitimacy forces on field.

The 4th military district took in an approximate 32520 Republican Guard soldiers and officers after they refused to execute orders dispatched by insurgent militias on multiple occasions. Those who have crossed sides are at full readiness to carryout combat orders against Houthis in Taiz’s battlefront and to advance towards other governorates.

Brig. Saif pointed out that the defectors leaving the insurgency are not restricted to one brigade only, several Republican Guard defectors are fleeing from a formation comprising up to 32 different brigades. The event coincides with the escalating disputes between Houthi militias and the Republican Guard leaderships.

Disputes are rising on two issues addressing priorities and capacity leverage leaders on military operations are entitled to. Inner-insurgency conflicts have reached their breaking point. Only last Wednesday did the first round of fire exchange between Houthis and Pro-Saleh supports take place in the Harad District; however, the reasons behind the clash remain unknown. Military sources translate this to be the end of the insurgent alliance which primarily aimed at tearing the country apart and having it dive into pitch-black chaos.

The conflict rising among the militia lines can be taken advantage of, according to 4th district commander Saif. The military deterioration militants are suffering must be faced with immediate full-on

offensive by national forces. Political contact must continue to take place with military officials that have maintained an unbiased stance from the crisis, especially those residing in Sana’a. They have refused to join the militias; however, they should be convinced to join pro-legitimacy forces, Saif siad.

He further added that the conflicts among the insurgency help the pro-legitimacy forces directly on the battlefield. The National Army has yet not faced serious issues on all fronts. The army receives directions from military leaderships and executes them swiftly. The mechanics employed by the National Army has contributed to prevent field failures.