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Yemen: Military Insurgency Officers Leave Sanaa to Join the Legitimacy | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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RUBBLE: A Houthi militant walks through a government compound following Saudi-led air strikes, in the northwestern city of Amran in July 2015. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

Jeddah – A number of military officers in the insurgency had left the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, to join the Yemeni army. The officers realized Houthis made Yemen a place for Iran to execute its plans in the region, according to Major General Ahmed Seif.

Maj-Gen Seif said that the officers understood the criminal actions that the militias are executing, and thus began a mutiny against the military orders. Seif welcomed their return to the armed forces.

He stressed that many Yemenis had been deluded and over time they understood that militias are violating their rights and destroying the country, doing all of that to create a totally linked center with Iran.

The Maj-gen pointed out that the return of those officers is important for all citizens to understand the reality, but it is more important to focus on liberating the country from the insurgents’ control.

Concerning security, the Yemeni government is setting a plan to maintain security in liberated cities, especially Aden, Yemen’s temporary capital. The plan also involves the ministry of interior, political security unit, and the army in coordination with Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The government decided on this plan after several liberated areas announced a number of terrorist operations happening in them targeting vital locations and military and political leaders. Legitimacy military leaders believe that Houthis’ militias are probably executing these operations through their loyalists in the areas.

Maj-Gen Seif pointed out that every possible option is available to face terrorism in collaboration with the forces of the Arab Coalition which the Yemeni government depends on for direct military cooperation and all procedures related to security.

According to the Maj-Gen, this plan will serve the army and aid in securing cities and advancing towards liberating all Yemeni areas from Houthi and Saleh control.