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Privacy Statement

Privacy policy

If you use one of the applications available on the ASHARQ ALAWSAT website or e-mailed us and provided us with personal data, then this data may be shared with governmental entities or other departments, in order to serve you better. Such information may also be shared with non-governmental entities authorized to perform certain services. Providing your personal information via the website of the ASHARQ ALAWSAT administration shall be considered prior approval on your behalf to store, process and use such information. The ASHARQ ALAWSAT administration reserves the right to disclose any information to the competent authority and at any time if it deems so necessary.

The ASHARQ ALAWSAT administration holds you individually responsible for the accuracy of the information you send via this website.

The ASHARQ ALAWSAT administration works diligently to preserve your personal data, , through the ensuring of electronic storage of personal data sent using appropriate security technologies.

The ASHARQ ALAWSAT website contains electronic links for websites or portals that that use methods to protect information and the privacy of such information which are different from the methods we use. We shall bear no responsibility for the contents of other sites and the ways they deal with their privacy issues, and advise you to refer back to the privacy notices specific to such websites.

The ASHARQ ALAWSAT administration shall not bear the responsibility of any incorrect data, despite the fact that entered data shall be considered correct. [/blockquote]