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US Warns Militias as Iraq’s PMF Near Syria Borders | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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A US-led Coalition jet. (AFP)

Beirut, London – The US-led coalition warplanes dropped leaflets on Monday warning Iranian militias loyal to the Syrian regime from getting near al-Tanf military camp at the Iraqi borders.

When Iranian militias loyal to regime head Bashar Assad approached 30 kilometers from al-Tanf military camp, coalition forces dropped the leaflets warning them to retreat from Al-Shahmi café point to the Zaza crossing checkpoint.

However, until late on Monday, there were no reports of any withdrawal or advancement in the area.

Saad al-Hajj, spokesperson of the Lions of the East Army also known as Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya told Asharq Al-Awsat on Monday that regime forces and their associated militias were now located 27 km from al-Tanf military camp.

He said that the coalition forces are asking the militias to retreat to a point near Al-Seen airport, located 85 km from the base.

“Most of the groups operating in the area are Iraqi militias loyal to Tehran and led by Iranian generals. However, the presence of regime forces near al-Tanf is very limited,” al-Hajj added.

The coalition warning comes just days after coalition warplanes hit a convoy of vehicles affiliated to the regime forces and Iran to prevent them from advancing towards al-Tanf, which hosts opposition fighters in addition to American, British and Norwegian trainers.

“Any movements toward al-Tanf will be considered hostile and we will defend our forces,” the coalition leaflet read.

Meanwhile, regime and Iranian militias sent on Monday reinforcements to the “death triangle” that links Daraa with Quneitra and Damascus. The reinforcements came to prepare for a wide attack on opposition-controlled areas and to regain the regime’s lost positions.

In the meantime, armed opposition factions announced its general alert to confront the attack.

Iraq’s People’s Mobilization Forces (PMF) advanced towards the Syrian borders and announced they had ousted a number of ISIS militants from villages in the area.