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Lebanon: Bilal Badr under Protection of ‘Fatah Al-Islam’ | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Meeting of Palestinian factions’ political command in Sidon on Tuesday/NNA

Beirut- Clashes in the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon came to a halt on Tuesday after Lebanese and Palestinian parties forced the Fatah Movement to accept a deal that ends the clashes with the “Bilal Badr” group.

The deal stipulates dismantling the security square in the Tiri neighborhood in exchange for allowing Bilal Badr to flee with his supporters to another neighborhood.

Information received by Asharq Al-Awat from inside the camp said that Bilal Badr is now in the protection of the terrorist Fatah al-Islam leader Osama al-Shehabi. Badr might be currently present inside the security square located in the Arab al-Zabeed neighborhood in the Nabaa region.

Fatah sources said the deal, which ended the clashes, “did not please the movement, but instead left a large resentment in its ranks.”

The sources said the deal was only reached after Lebanese and Palestinian parties exerted pressure on the political leadership of Fatah, which was told that the battle had left a negative impact on the southern city of Sidon, its civilians and merchants.

Clashes erupted on Friday night between Fatah and the extremist group of “Bilal Badr,” killing and injuring dozens of people.

The military leadership of Fatah insisted on completely ending the so-called phenomenon of “Bilal Badr” at the camp to become an example for other extremist groups.

However, the movement’s political leadership preferred not to use force in solving the crisis.

Clashes were halted on Tuesday morning after reports that the “Bilal Badr” group had left the neighborhood where it had taken refuge and had prevented the joint Palestinian security force from deploying.

Palestinian factions met on Tuesday to organize the deployment of the force in the Tiri area in Ain al-Hilweh, despite tension throughout the day.

Meanwhile, Future Movement MP Bahia Hariri praised participants in the Palestinian meeting for agreeing on reinstating clam and stability in the camp.