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Clashes in Ain Al-Hilweh, Support to Fatah’s Attack against Badr Group | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Youth walk under an ISIS flag in Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon January 19, 2016. REUTERS/Ali Hashisho

Beirut- Heavy clashes continue at the south Lebanon’s Ain al-Hilweh Camp since Friday evening, following a green light given by Fatah Faction and the rest of Palestinian factions to target Bilal Badr group, which has recently resisted the security forces as they tried to deploy in new locations in the camp.

Badr, in his thirties, leads the group that includes former members of the two terrorist groups: Jund al-Sham and Fatah al-Islam. He is also accused of conducting several assassinations of leaders and members of Fatah at Ain Al-Hilweh.

Palestinian sources confirm that “the group’s number does not exceed 40 but other extremist members showed solidarity with Badr group and are supporting it in the armed confrontations.” They added that describing this group as extremist is inaccurate, since it is known to conduct operations for any party that is willing to pay in return.

Sources asserted that a final decision has been taken to put an end to this “phenomenon” through urging Badr to surrender to the Islamic forces before being investigated and submitted to the Lebanese authorities. They added that Badr and his group has become a burden to the camp that can’t be tolerated anymore, especially that they are involved in several crimes.

Palestinian forces and factions were anxiously following security updates in Ain Al-Hilweh on Saturday evening and several meetings were held. The forces expressed their support to the military operation in face of Badr who was previously covered by them.

Meanwhile, the National News Agency reported that the Lebanese Army has carried out security measures at the entrance of the camp. Also, work was suspended at the official departments and institutions and the public hospital, near the camp, was evacuated after the injury of a citizen.