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US-GCC Council to Unite Measures against Terrorist Organizations Topped by Hezbollah | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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US-GCC Workshop on Countering Hezbollah’s Terrorist and Criminal Activities Using Law Enforcement Tools

Manama-Senior Bahraini official revealed that a council, which is formed of GCC countries and the United States, is working on uniting the procedures and finding legal tools to fight terrorist organizations, topped by ISIS and the so-called Lebanese Hezbollah.

The official, who asked to remain anonymous, told Asharq Al-Awsat that the council is working on combatting all terrorist organizations, whether Sunni or Shiite.

He said that ISIS is an ultra-radical terrorist organization, yet Hezbollah is more dangerous since it is supported and funded by another country and has a larger influence than ISIS as it uses religion to receive funds.

The Bahraini official, who is specialized in combatting terrorism, added that the council, which holds closed meetings, will issue recommendations and work on uniting measures against terrorist organizations.

He also pointed out that it this council is formed of technicians who work on figuring out measures and legal tools in order to fight terrorism everywhere and work on foreign security to reinforce internal security of the countries and maintain their stability. It also works on cutting off funds and ending the spread of terrorist beliefs.

The council also aims at dealing with countries that support terrorism, such as Iran, as the amount of weaponries, explosives and support provided by these countries for the terrorist groups are exposed.

The Bahraini official also tackled the difficulties this council faces in dealing with a terrorist organization such as the so-called Hezbollah.

He noted that GCC States are putting much effort in order to cut its funding and prosecute whoever is affiliated to this group and sympathizes with it; however, in order for these procedures to be taken, the council needs to convince all other countries.

In a common matter, Chief of Public Security Major-General Tariq Al Hassan inaugurated on Monday a regional workshop on uniting efforts in order to combat terrorism through legal tools, especially the terrorist and criminal activities of the so-called Hezbollah, which is classified in the Gulf and many Arab countries as a terrorist organization.

He said the two-day workshop, being held at the Public Security Officers’ Club, coincided with the Cabinet approval to designate 68 organizations as terrorist outfits, of which the Lebanese so-called Hezbollah topped the list.

He explained that the workshop is an implementation of the resolutions of the joint working group of the GCC countries and the United States which met in Saudi Arabia in August.

He also said the Interior Ministry would continue to work with regional and international partners to fight terrorism and take legal actions against recognized terror organizations as well as individuals proven to be supportive of or taking part in terrorist activities.

Also, he said that anyone possessing images, slogans, symbols or fundraises for any of the designated organizations would also be dealt with through the law.

The counter-terrorism workshop focuses on the so-called Hezbollah’s threats in the region as well as its criminal activities.

The development of US-GCC law enforcement cooperation in the fight against these activities is also being discussed.

Representatives from Bahrain, other GCC countries and the US are taking part in the workshop.