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Bahrain: National Solidarity in Face of Foreign Interference - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Dammam-Bahrain’s Information Affairs Minister Ali bin Mohammed Al-Rumaihi said his country would always defend the Arabian Gulf through the implementation of justice and the rule of law, stressing the Kingdom’s commitment to fighting terrorism and extremist organizations.

Al-Rumaihi’s remarks were made in the wake of Bahrain’s decision to close all offices of al-Wefaq Islamic Association and the suspension of its bank accounts, as the group was accused of promoting a favorable “environment for terrorism, extremism and violence,” as well as calling for foreign interference in the country’s internal affairs.

Al-Rumaihi told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that Bahrain would not allow “any sectarian or racist conspiracies” to target the Kingdom’s sovereignty and democracy. He also stressed Bahrain’s keenness on protecting the security of Arab Gulf countries.

The information minister also said his country would always remain the “kingdom of tolerance, democracy and coexistence between all religions and confessions” and would firmly respond to any threat against its security and sovereignty.

He added that Bahrain was working towards the consolidation of political reforms and the rule of law, as well as promoting civil institutions that practice freedom in line with the constitution.
Bahraini security services closed all offices and bank accounts of al-Wefaq National Islamic Association on Tuesday after an order from the Justice Ministry.

The Ministry of Justice emphasized in a statement the dangers of the systematic organizations which operate within the framework of external religious political reference, under the apparent disregard to the duties of citizenship and peaceful coexistence, the consolidation of breaching the Constitution, the law and all state institutions, as well as non-recognition of components in society in order to create a sectarian dimension of the political reality and seek to clone regional models based on sectarian lines.

The ministry stressed that those organizations that have been implanted in the country have worked for decades to secure legal cover for acts associated with extremism and terrorism.

Bahrain’s Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa dismissed any compromise regarding national security and stability, highlighting that the strict application of the law cannot be compromised even in well-established democracies. He added that the government would spare no effort to protect achievements and thwart any attempt to exploit the atmosphere of freedom and democracy.

Bahrain will never fall down and will confront conspirators and proponents of sectarian strife, he said.

Bahrain’s Parliament expressed its support to the decision to close al-Wefaq headquarters.

In a statement on Wednesday, Parliament said it supported the bold steps to protect Bahrain’s security and stability, safeguard rights and liberties and deter attempts to mar the atmosphere of freedom, justice and political openness.

“The constitution and law put the national interest above all considerations and guarantee all people’s rights and duties without any discrimination,” the statement said.

It backed the court decision to shut down Al-Wefaq Society headquarters, suspend its activities and freeze its assets, and said that the association sought to use religion and politics as a mere cover to promote terrorism, violence and to terrorize innocent people.

Regarding the inquiry launched by the Public Prosecution into the involvement of Al-Resala and Islamic Enlightenment Societies and Yaqeen Library into illegal fundraising and money laundering, the Council of Representatives urged deterrent measures to root out such criminal activities.

The statement warned against the sectarian and terror-tainted mantra advocated by Al-Wefaq and other groups which seek to subvert Bahrain’s security and stability, aided and abetted by foreign sides which are preying on the nation.

The council stressed keenness on protecting people’s safety and preserving rights and liberties against desperate attempts to sow divisions between social segments and subvert unity.

It urged all parties to the political process to commit to the law provisions and heed Bahrain’s vital interests above all other consideration.

The council condemned blatant foreign interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs and infringement upon its sovereign and independent judiciary.