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Bahrain King: Building on Past Achievements, Reforms Lead to Consolidation of Civil State - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive
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Manama-Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa asserted on Sunday that the Kingdom would continue its comprehensive development progress built on past achievements and reforms as a condition to consolidate the civil state based on justice and equality, without excluding any person because of his origins, ideas or beliefs.

Speaking at the National Parliament during the opening of the third session of the Fourth Legislative Term, the King said: “We will always work on promoting the values of moderation, tolerance and coexistence, both in words and deeds, facing extremism and fanaticism. We will also consolidate the values of political action based on the principles of the National Action Charter, the Constitution, respect for the rule of law and the sovereignty of national decisions.”

Concerning the role of Bahrain in the region, King Al Khalifa asserted his country’s commitment to the Arab Coalition until legitimacy is restored on all the territories of Yemen.

“There should be an end to foreign illegal interference, and an alleviation of the suffering of the Yemeni people by restoring Yemen’s security and stability,” the King said, adding that Bahrain is ready to offer huge sacrifices to achieve such an end.

He said that since the launch of the country’s national reforms, Bahrain has been witnessing a comprehensive development that could be appreciated by all fair minds.

The King added that Bahrain was able to achieve the triumph of unity over divisions, the victory of citizenship over foreign allegiance and the success of reforms and tolerance over sabotage and extremism.

“Bahrain, with its Arab and Islamic identity, is the homeland of all and the country where the rule of law is supreme, human dignity is safeguarded and rituals are protected. Bahrain will always remain, the strong shield against all foreign quests that threaten the security and stability of our Arabian Gulf surroundings,” the King asserted.

Speaking about the exceptional economic situation across the world, the King said: “The Bahraini government has been able to maintain an appropriate level of economic growth through the diversification of sources of income and the stimulation of investment.”

He added that the government also took urgent measures to rationalize public spending and redirect subsidies to better meet the needs of the citizens.