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Bahrain Foils Attempt by Terrorists to Flee to Iran | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The first operation started at 5:28 a.m. Thursday, when security forces caught a vessel seeking to leave Bahraini borders towards Iranian waters/BNA

Manama – In two separate operations launched Thursday in Bahrain, the security authorities obstructed prisoners and other fugitives from escaping to Iran, killing 3 of them and arresting 8 others, including a number of prisoners who had earlier escaped the Jau prison.

Bahrain’s News Agency (BNA) reported that security apparatus seized items found on the vessel that prisoners used to escape from Bahrain, including a Kalashnikov assault rifle which was used to attack the coastguard vessels, a GPS system and satellite phone, ID cards, money and personal items.

During a press conference held in Manama Thursday, Police chief Tariq al-Hassan said the arrestees confirmed they were in contact with – and due to meet, accomplices in Iranian waters.

“The defendants were in contact with terrorist elements in Iran – with other terrorist elements awaiting them outside Bahrain’s territorial waters to convey them to their destination,” he said.

The police chief confirmed that those killed and arrested Thursday were connected to the Jau prison attack and the murder of First Lt. Hisham al-Hammadi, who was killed in Bilad al-Qadeem on Jan. 29 in addition to the shooting of a police officer in Bani Jamra on Jan. 14.

The joint-security operation started early on Thursday, and some security operations continued until late in the evening.

The operation was launched after security personnel doubted that a vessel attempted to escape from Bahraini waters when coastguard forces tried to stop it.

“Security forces spotted the boat leaving a Bahraini port but it did not comply with police orders to stop. The target began to shoot heavily, to which we responded directly and took control of the boat,” Hassan told reporters.

The exchange of fire resulted in the death of 3 individuals, and the arrest of 8 others.

The first operation occurred at dawn in Bahrain’s surrounding waters. The second operation was connected to the Jau prison attack.

Authorities said on Thursday they arrested: Mohamed Jassim Mohamed Jassim al-Abid, 28, Hamid Jassim Mohamed Jassim al-Abid, 28, and Hasan Ali Mohamed Fardan al-Shakar, 22, all of whom were involved in the terrorist attack on Jau Prison and/or aiding and abetting fugitives. Others arrested included Hani Younis Yousif Ali, 21, Ahmed Ali Ahmed Yousif, 20, Ali Hasan Ali Saleh, 38, and Ahmed Isa Ahmed Isa al-Malali, 23, who were named as being involved in the aiding and abetting of fugitives and the concealment and movement of firearms and explosives, BNA reported.