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Suleiman: Iran’s Negative Role in Lebanon and Hezbollah is Detrimental - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive
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The former Lebanese president Michel Suleiman

The former Lebanese president Michel Suleiman

The former Lebanese president Michel Suleiman criticised the “negative” role that Iran is playing in his country, adding that Iran “did not provide anything tangible for Lebanon, rather it just provided friendship and intentions”. He commented in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat that Hezbollah is also detrimental to Lebanon and its economy, pointing out that “the reputation of the country has declined economically due to Hezbollah’s intervention in Syrian affairs”.

The former Lebanese president also mentioned that “the use of Lebanon and its territory as a platform to attack neighbouring and friendly countries with Lebanon is considered to lessen Lebanese sovereignty greatly and the sovereignty of the country on its lands, and I am against that”. With regards to the situation in Syria, Suleiman said that “Lebanon hopes that a solution is found in Syria so that this will reflect positively on Lebanon and this will at least stop the use of the Lebanese presidency as pressure for a Syrian solution”.

Suleiman considers the media campaign in Lebanon directed against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states “a fatal and big mistake”. He added that “We are with Saudi Arabia and historical ties link us together. It should not be abused by any Lebanese party regardless of their political position and I have opposed those who made statements against Saudi Arabia primarily and the rest of the Gulf and Arab countries many times”.

When asked about a date to solve the presidential crisis in Lebanon, Suleiman said that “I hope that it is tomorrow but I don’t know” when the president of the republic will actually be chosen.