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Dr. Abdullah al-Rabiah: King Salman Relief Centre Prepared to Provide Aid to Syria within 24 Hours | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Rabiah, supervisor-general of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid & Relief Centre, revealed a plan on merging the center’s framework with the Saudi campaign to assist Syria.

The merger aims to unify all humanitarian foreign aid endeavors, and to bring about the compilation of the positive effort provided by the campaign. The center will transfer relief assistance swiftly into Syria in coordination with concerned entities; and is fully prepared to further send out aid there, at any given time, Dr.al-Rabiah said.

The center is ready to deliver aid to Syria within 24 hours in cooperation with the Saudi National Campaign to Support Syrians. Previous missions, like the one in Tajikistan, prove that the center arrives within the frame of remarkable timing. Saudi Arabia will soon be present in Syria, Dr al-Rabiah added.

Dr. al-Rabiah, in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat in Riyadh, ventured on the center’s transparency according to protocol ordain, which demands the revelation of bank account transcripts openly, in addition to the presence of U.N. representatives to provide aid.
The center’s supervisor-general did not hide the challenges that faced the center, organizations first were concerned with the nature of the its activity, however, granted it trust soon after examining the center’s impartial policy , the transparent measures and integrity it harbors, and quality of the sustenance it provides.

When asked on the plans for the center’s future, Dr al-Rabiah explained that in the meantime the relief center’s work is reliant on governmental support, and the second launch will be after financial completion. With the maintenance of transparency measures, and the natural disposition of the Saudi people for donation, the center will arrange a mechanism both highly-rated and translucent in reaching the benefactor, his provided donation, and how the donation is employed.

Yemen being the first mission taken by the center, Dr al-Rabiah briefed that relief is being delivered in all of Yemen regardless of the zone’s political affiliation, and has arrived to all Yemeni governorates. Sustenance has been approximately provided to 14 million cases, as for health aid, relief has reached 15 million deprived people in Yemen. Environmental amelioration has reached 3.5 million Yemenis.
Moreover, the center is working on the construction of 300 refuges, packaged completely to endure health, environmental, and climate related obstacles, for those uprooted from their homes in Yemen and forced to escape to Djibouti.
Yemeni Refugees in Somalia are also included into the center’s mission, and are receiving health and sustenance aid, stated Dr. al-Rabiah.
Yemenis seeking asylum in Saudi Arabia, who account to an approximate two million refugees, were given unconditional labor opportunity, and a chance to join educational facilities. Recent statistics show that 25 thousand Yemeni students, both male and female, have joined schools in Saudi Arabia.
Moreover, the Saudi Ministry of Health is proffering services to an estimated 40 thousand cases so far.
The center has also founded a program for those wishing to return to their homeland, Dr al-Rabiah added.