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In an age that calls for transparency and clarity, the speech given by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz during the opening ceremony of the Second Year of the Shura Council’s Fifth Session forms a program that requires us to stop and examine each line and meaning of the speech. This speech touched on important points regarding the unity of the country and the rights and duties of its citizens. I will focus this article on three important points of the many raised in the speech.

The first angle is “this homeland is for all of us.”

“The homeland is for all of us. All of us will be measured according to our efforts, sacrifices and dedication to a country whose foundation is based on the pillars of Islam. This is the criteria that will test the caliber of the people of this country.”

The expression “this homeland is for all of us” confirms the equality between citizens and that there is no difference between one citizen and another. This is something that deepens the sense of duty and loyalty to the homeland and defending the honor of religion, which is something that is mixed with the homeland and creates its identity, approach, and core.

The second angle is being “responsible” for what we say.

“The word is like a sword. I urge everyone to realize this. If the word becomes a tool for settling scores, to gossip, and to charge people randomly, then the word will become a tool for destruction. This does not mean a ban on constructive criticism. Therefore, I ask everyone to fear Allah in their words and actions, to shoulder their responsibilities and not to become a burden on their religion, homeland, and parents.”

This confirms the freedom of responsible speech, for responsible speech is a tool for development based on the sense of duty; this is something that has noble purposes that naturally differ from the impact and influence of irresponsible speech. Irresponsible speech is something that does not take into account the conditions of the Secretariat and the safety and interests of the homeland.

The third angle is “women’s equity.”

“Saudi women have participated positively in all programs of development by standing alongside their male brothers as students, employees, teachers, and businesswomen.”

This represents equity to women at a time that has seen the most prominent promotion, support, and sustenance of women’s role as an essential and pivotal role in the social renaissance. I am certain that the Saudi women are proud of the equity shown to them by the Saudi ruler for their contribution and participation, and they will draw strength from this for their future progress.

In conclusion, this reassuring speech should represent a guiding light for us all; it is a road map for us to reach a brighter future.

Muhammad Diyab

Muhammad Diyab

Muhammad Diyab is a well-known Saudi writer and journalist.

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