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King Abdullah's Decrees…Balancing between the present and the future - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The collection of royal decrees issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, which coincided with His Majesty’s return [from treatment abroad] and recovery, reflect a deep insight, profound wisdom and vision on his part. The decrees addressed fundamental issues relating to the needs of the Saudi youth, the fight against poverty, and public welfare. The decrees promised to support trade unions, create more job opportunities for young Saudis, provide temporary financial aid to young job-seekers, support sports clubs and housing programs, expand social security services, increase the overall living allowance, and bolster Saudi Arabia’s scholarship program…These, along with other initiatives, are bound to bring about a genuine improvement in the quality of life of Saudi citizens.

The royal decrees coincided with street celebrations held by Saudis to mark the return of King Abdullah from his auspicious medical trip, accompanied by sincere prayers from millions, wishing for His Majesty’s recovery. King Abdullah is extensively loved and appreciated by his citizens, a position he has earned through his honesty, wisdom and earnest endeavors to meet the needs of his citizens. He has focused particularly on combating poverty, and providing Saudi youths with greater access to higher education, in an era where knowledge plays a decisive and pivotal role in determining the status of a society, along the ladder of progress. King Abdullah’s actions can be described as steps to “create the future”. Only the wise, the loyal, and those with foresight are able to this. Such people are able to strike a balance, and divide their attention between the present and the future.

Indeed, cities, towns and villages all across Saudi Arabia have every right to decorate and prepare themselves, in order to welcome the compassionate king who has kept this country safe in his heart, whilst shrouding it with love, loyalty and devotion. His era is associated with many grand achievements, such as expanding the two Holy Mosques, upgrading holy sites, improving education, enhancing the judiciary system and supporting the poor. Congratulations on the return of our king and blessed be His Majesty, for earning all our love and devotion.