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Washington – Last week, a journalist from Breitbart newspaper (extremist right-wing newspaper whose former editor-in-chief was Steve Bannon and is currently the White House chief strategist) went to the Congress to get a Congress coverage card.

During a question and answer session on the cards, Bannon suggested that the journalists contact Breitbart CEO Larry Solov after he said that he could not answer all questions.

This impressed the journalists, who rushed to question Solov, but it actually revealed that there has been a right-wing media network accompanying Trump from the beginning of his electoral campaign.

Journalist investigations revealed the following:

First: Breitbart News issues Breitbart newspaper that is managed by Solov and Susana Breitbart, the widow of Andrew Breitbart, the company’s founder.

Second: It is funded by another right-wing institution, Renaissance Technologies, which is owned by billionaire Robert Mercer’s family. In 2011, it offered Breitbart USD11 million and USD3 million during Trump’s electoral campaign.

Third: It cooperated with public relations and right-wing charity institutions headed by Kellyanne Conway, who is the current Counselor to Trump and was a Republican Party campaign manager.

Fourth: Renaissance Technologies owns a right-wing movies and series company that has produced the movie Clinton Cash on the corruption of former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary.

Fifth: Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of Robert Mercer, runs this network. Journalists had described her as the most influential woman in the Republican Party.

Last year, during the electoral campaign, many Americans were surprised when Trump chose Bannon to lead his electoral campaign because the newspaper has the most right-wing tendencies. But since no one expected Trump to win, this surprise did not last long.

Not only did Trump win, but he also appointed Bannon as the White House chief strategist. It prompted the Washington Post to sarcastically ask: “Will Breitbart News be the first state-run newspaper in the history of the US?”