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Egypt’s interim Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei had met twice with European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton in Cairo following the July 3 coup. REUTERS photo

Cairo- The media appearance of former Egyptian interim Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei has triggered rage among politicians and journalists who back the regime – campaigns were made to express fear of his return to the political scene.

ElBaradei appeared in a televised interview on Saturday, in his first media appearance since submitting his resignation, three years ago, as an objection against scattering pro- Mohammed Morsi protesters.

He actually hinted that there is a possibility of playing a political role in the upcoming period after three years of distancing himself.

“I distanced myself after 16 years of work: 12 years in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and four years in Egypt in which I tried to transfer the regime from an authoritative to a free one.,” he stated.

On the reason behind boycotting affairs of Egypt, Nobel Peace Prize winner said, “I spared myself the tension to give an opportunity to the other point of view in case I was mistaken… It makes me sad to know that I was right.”

ElBaradei played a major role in 30 June 2013 revolution that out-threw Morsi and he was later on appointed as a vice president for foreign affairs but resigned on 14 August 2013 – then he departed to Europe after scattering protests for Morsi supporters as an objection on the way security authorities dealt with this case.

In coincidence with ElBaradei appearance, TV presenter Ahmad Moussa leaked some of the recorded phone calls in which ElBaradei criticized some public and media figures.

Consequently, the hashtag “expose rude ElBaradei” was trending in Egypt for a few hours.

Responding to the campaign, ElBaradei wrote on Twitter: “Private phone conversations of political opponents wiretapped, doctored and aired on T.V.: Fascism rearing its ugly head yet again.”

The main dispute between ElBaradei and the current regime is the way of dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood crisis, knowing that this group was classified as terrorist, according to authorities.

MP Mostafa Bakri said that the purpose behind ElBaradei statement is to destroy the Egyptian state, considering that his speech was in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood.