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AyadAllawi: Iraqis “bless the days” of Saddam Hussein | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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AyadAllawi: Iraqis “bless the days” of Saddam Hussein

AyadAllawi: Iraqis “bless the days” of Saddam Hussein

AyadAllawi: Iraqis “bless the days” of Saddam Hussein

Baghdad- Ayad Allawi, former Vice President of Iraq, has come forward with the mistakes committed by politicians after overthrowing the previous regime, in a manner that has made Iraqis “bless the days” of former President Saddam Hussein.

“We are responsible for what had happened in Iraq and the change that followed Saddam Hussein”, Allawi told Asharq Al-Awsat.

“Iraqis now bless the days of the former government, after what they have firsthand witnessed the performances of governments that have scorched Iraq with sectarian feud and division”, the former Vice President added.

Moreover, when speaking on the current Iraqi stance from the Saudi-led Islamic coalition, Allawi responded with, “I personally name it to be a moderate coalition, composed of moderate leaderships. Iraq must discuss clearly the subject of taking a place with the coalition, and has to ask Saudi Arabia seriously to partake in its led coalition”.

When asked on being released from his vice presidential duties, Allawi explained, “the role I foresee for myself now, is to work on building a political process, both correct and comprehensive, which rises on top of the rubble of the current worn-out policy”.

Despite the assassination attempts and the circumstances Allawi has been put through, when asked if he had rendered the situation in Iraq hopeless, Allawi rejected the idea completely. He said that he would never despair as he recalled the worse times Iraq had witnessed, reassuring his absolute trust in the people of Iraq and the future of the country.

On the subject of Iran, Allawi told Asharq Al-Awsat that “Iran must be contained, and seriously conversed with. It is known that Iran has always stood against me and the approach I represent, especially after winning the 2010 elections”.

“However, one cannot say that Iraq is not neighboring to Iran or Turkey”, he added.

Allawi later commented that even though he was positive on the Iranian nuclear deal, and that it would restrict the spread of weapons of mass destruction into the region; however, the primary factor remains missing, which is regional security.