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Kuwait Increases Security Measures to Prevent ISIS Infiltration from Iraq | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Iraqis fleeing fighting in west Mosul (Reuters)

Kuwait, Mosul– Kuwaiti authorities had increased their security measures in wake of possible ISIS terrorists infiltrating into their territories, following their defeat in Iraq.

The Ministry of Interior sent a telegram to all its security leaders on the borders, airports, and intelligence asking them to take all measures necessary to face this danger. The ministry also cancelled all vacations.

Several sources reported that Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Lieutenant-General Mahmoud al-Dossari ordered all members of the ministry’s forces back on duty in a step to increase security, especially that Kuwait had previously encountered several ISIS-related incidents.

Reports say that Kuwait authorities received information from security forces that ISIS terrorists might infiltrate though Iraqi-Kuwaiti border after their defeat in Mosul.

Kuwait might have increased surveillance over several ISIS-sympathizing personnel, according to sources.

In July last year, Kuwait announced the dismantle of several terrorist cells, one planned to bomb a mosque in Hawli and another was preparing for a terrorist attack that wasn’t disclosed.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Army continued its liberation of the remaining parts of Mosul. A military Kurdish source reported about 500 ISIS militants escaping towards Diyala.

Head of Security committee of Kirkuk Council Azad Jibari told Rudaw that about 500 ISIS militants had escaped from south al-Azeem region controlled by Iraqi Army towards Diyala. He added that according to their sources, ISIS militants are trying to reach Kirkuk city and will probably begin planning terrorist attacks.

Commander of “We are Coming Nineveh” operations Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah, said that Iraqi forces liberated new areas in the right coast of Mosul, 400 Km north Baghdad.

In a press release, Yarallah said that the Federal Police and Rapid Response Forces are liberating the northern part of the Shifaa neighborhood and are in control of Ibn Sinaa Hospital, Blood Bank, and several other facilities in the right coast of Mosul.

Colonel Jamal Hashim told DPA that a joint force of Iraqi Army and members of tribes executed a military operation to clear areas surrounding al-Nakhib area on the border with Saudi Arabia. He explained that the liberation extended from Mdaisis Airport till White Valley, an area estimated to be 117 Km west of Anbar.

Hashim added that the force succeeded in killing 12 ISIS terrorist and confiscated their weapons of terrorists who fled the area.

Nakhib area is the only crossing point with Saudi Arabia taken by pilgrims during Hajj and Umra. Iraqi military forces, along with coast guards, are in charge of maintaiing the security of the area to ensure its safety.