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The Cultural Movement in Lebanon has recently released “No One Gets Lost in Beirut” a book by Inaya Jaber that compiles 56 articles, each with its own tonality and event, yet linked with a common main character who is the writer herself.

Inaya Jaber had previously published these articles in different newspapers over different stages of her carrier. In her articles, she has provided the reader with different tastes; she wrote to express an excess of love, of pain and resentment and to reflect contrasting emotions in her writings.

We could hear music while reading the book, and at the same time we could cry and feel the melancholy taste of pain, she has her way in both provoking us and falling for her sense of humor. Inaya Jaber has a distinguished style and knows how to describe her writings and how to make her uncommon and unique word choice.

She is skilled in choosing her metaphors and descriptions to nail and deliver the emotions to the reader with high credibility.

We can recognize Jaber’s narrative tone in her articles along with narrative-related elements which allow us to describe these writings as “narrative” ones.

In her book, the Lebanese writer focused on themes like motherland, the other, sadness and the loneliness. She carries her country with her wherever she travelled inorder to find her inner peace and to feel its pain.

The writer also seems to focus on the beloved or the friend as a memory from the past. However, sometimes, in other parts of her book, Inaya prefers to escape from them and to abide by loneliness; she has also recalled many dead people and her memories with them.

The most evident element in Jaber’s writings is the deep concentrated sorrow caused by wars, memories of childhood, the beloved, loneliness, nostalgia to some places, or the writer’s desire to feel sadness. But what really matters that the writer has expressed her sorrow with love and kindness to create stories that will leave an emotional mark in the spirit of her readers.