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Cast members (L-R) Viola Davis, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Joel Kinnaman attend the world premiere of “Suicide Squad” in Manhattan, New York, U.S., August 1, 2016. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Los Angeles-“Sully” for Clint Eastwood has topped the U.S. box office charts for the second consecutive week and has remained at the top spot despite nine other movies competing with it.

Apparently, in his 86th year, Eastwood’s movies have lured the interests of youth, adults, and elderly; his last film “American Sniper” brought for the Warner Company USD350 million in revenues although it did not feature any super hero character or did not have special effects, costing less than USD60 million.

Eastwood directed his new movie “Sully” with the same cost, making USD70 million in revenues in the United States, two weeks after its debut.

Unlike “Snowden” for Oliver Stone that ranked in sixth place with USD8 million, “Sully” looks promising.

In his movie, Oliver Stone has raised a significant question on whether Snowden is a national hero or traitor. While the director of Snowden has taken the left side of the Democrat-Republican equation, “Sully” shows clear bias to the Republicans by praising the U.S. regime.

“Sully” is free of real evils; even the investigation commission that was formed to probe if the pilot took the right decision in landing on the surface of water and not returning to the airport, doesn’t have evil interests; it is just a strict commission that follows unsound regulations.

Both “Sully” (name of the pilot) and “Snowden” feature the biography of two real characters; while Sully is facing a deadlock depending on the truth and hope for victory, Snowden was the outlaw hero who found that his conscience obstructed him from neglecting what is happening with Americans. Therefore he disclosed the CIA’s spying and ran away before getting caught and taken to trial as a traitor.

Another movie (3rd place on the charts) that features a “dead” subject is “Bridget Jones’s Baby” directed by Sharon Maguire. It is a third part of a movie series starred by Renée Zellweger, telling the story of the same lady who suffers from emotional problems, but this time with a baby from an unknown father.

“Don’t Breath” is the most exciting movie on the charts; it features the story of a veteran who lost his eyesight during the war and lives alone in a house that he knows every detail in it; one day, a gang of three thieves enter his house to rob him; yet, during the movie, the blind man succeeds in beating them.

The movie that has brought a totally new story among these films is “The Suicide Squad”, which is expected to be transformed into a series. It belongs to the category of superhero movies, in which evil people face other evil people.

This movie’s cost reached USD175 million; it has made revenues that have reached USD314 million in the USA and USD300 million worldwide, which may encourage the Warner Brothers Company on producing another movie on the same theme.