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Jodie Foster: 'Money Monster' is more Like Hollywood than any of My Other Works - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Cannes- Many written and presented film scripts, which fail to find a producer, are marshaled and stacked into the film industry’s keeping drawers. Jodie Foster’s thriller “Money Monster” did not make it to big-screen production right away, first written by Alan Di Fiore in 2013, the script was left untouched until 2015.

Foster is known for both producing and directing films; however, when Foster’s agent brought in “Money Monster” she was even more enthusiastic to hear that the screen-play will be produced by no one other than the three-Golden-Globe-award winner, George Clooney. Adding to the excitement, the project’s female lead actress was Julia Roberts.

Minding that “Little Man Tate” and “The Beaver” prove quite different in shade and character than Foster’s previous work, the Wall Street thriller “Money Monster” broaches a relative background that any viewer can identify with.

At the premiere, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper got the opportunity to sit down with Foster who directed “Money Monster” and who is also often cited as the best actress of her generation.

When asked about whether Foster was keeping an eye out for thriller piece when “Money Monster” arrived at her desk, she replied with a no. She explained that she was rather focused on her next step; with already two projects in mind, one of which was included her producing.

After reading the script, Foster – ecstatic- sent it over to Clooney who agreed on both acting in and producing the thriller.

Foster also said that “Money Monster” was an easy going production process, of less difficulty compared to other works she had taken part of.

As for the script being shelved until Foster had received notice of it, she explained that “Money Monster” –written four years ago- indeed was neglected and eventually winded up in the waiting room.

The script at large was left unchanged, however, with minor revisions which are a natural process of bringing any scenario to life, Foster said.

The Oscar-winning actress also agreed to “Money Monster” being offbeat with the rest of the projects she directed.

However, Foster pointed out that the Wall Street thriller belongs to Hollywood more than any of her other works ever did.

She said that production focuses on launching an eye-catching film which brings in a large audience. All her previous movies were independent projects which targeted a limited audience, Foster added.

To begin with, it was clear to Foster that “Money Monster” was a screen-play meant for the majority of viewers, which is why it meant that it needed to be approached differently.

Despite all that being said, Foster still wanted for the movie to be smart in the fashion it views its content.

As for the acting part, Foster highlighted that Clooney and Roberts are exceptionally talented professionals to the craft, and lauded Jack O’Connell’s quick grasping attitude which met all that was demanded of him.

Foster also expressed that the cooperative aspect to the work effort played out big in defining the finish line and goal for the film.