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Anbar Officials Request Military Intervention in ISIS-Held Fallujah and Hīt | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Iraqi military reclaims Samarra from ISIS-E.P.A

Iraqi military reclaims Samarra from ISIS-E.P.A

Iraqi military reclaims Samarra from ISIS-E.P.A

Anbar- Local officials at the Al Anbar Governorate, located west of Iraq, requested that the Iraqi government give out immediately effective orders for security forces to mobilize towards the two cities of Fallujah and Hīt, in a swift action to rescue the lives of over 200 thousand civilians residing there and oppressed by ISIS.

ISIS militants hold the domiciles of the two cities captive, forbidding them from exiting the zone. The terrorist organization extremists coerce them to stay at the area, for them to later be used as human shields against Iraqi forces. ISIS will use the civilians as leverage to exchange in its confrontations with the Iraqi army.

Fallujah and Hīt currently are subjected to insufferable deficiency in sustenance and medical care due to the ongoing blockade established by the Iraqi security forces, as to cut off the route for supplies reaching ISIS extremists. Despite withholding resources and reinforcement from the militant terrorists, the civilians now face death due to their dire need of the fundamentals of survival.

Multiple deaths caused by malnutrition and the inaccessibility to treatment are being registered on a daily basis. Besieged residents are being forced to resort to wild greens for sustenance.

Anbar Council Chief Sabah Karhoot revealed that ISIS is barricading 100 thousand civilians in each of Fallujah and Hīt, and he has demanded on behalf of security forces that food and medical assistance be granted access, in addition to safe passages being secured for the evacuation of families in both cities.