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U.N.: ‘Houthi Rebels Plundered 68% of Yemen’s Weapons’ - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive
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New York- The expert team of the Sanctions Committee, which was established pursuant to U.N. Security Council resolution 2140 for those hindering peaceful political transfer in Yemen, revealed new details in its final report.

The report said that Houthi rebels are importing weapons from Iran; anti-tank guided missiles Houthis possess are manufactured in Iran.

There are three ways to smuggle weapons from Iran to Yemen. One of them is through coastal sailboats heading towards ports in the western coast that is under Houthi-Saleh control.

The report explained that these sailboats pass through Djibouti and Somalia and should pass through the Gulf of Aden to the Red Sea through the Strait of Bab el Mandeb.

That area is covered by patrols from the Combined Maritime Forces, U.S. fifth fleet and Saudi Royal Navy Forces, according to the report.

The weapons have possibly being smuggled through the coastal sailboats, which indicates that some of these cargoes could be confiscated due to the heavily maritime censorship, and the team of experts notice that this line is not being actively used for its difficulty.

The second is through coastal sailboats heading towards Omani ports that are suitable to unload weapons.

Whereas the third way, according to the U.N. report, is through using coastal sailboats in Yemen’s ports or beaches located southwest Yemen.

Yet, that coast is controlled by pro-legitimate government forces, leaving the possibility of using it to the level of corruption among officials.

The report also noted that five arm shipments were confiscated by Australian, French and U.S. marines working in the area.

Moreover, some reports indicated that the Saudi navy also confiscated two sailboats loaded with weapons on the outskirts of Salif Port, and that all the arms loaded were manufactured in Iran.