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New York Times Falls into its Own Pit | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Riyadh- New York Times Newpaper has posted on its Twitter account an Arabic tweet for the first time – the tweet provoked the Saudi people and triggered a negative reaction against the newspaper from both Saudi men and women.

The tweet aimed to promote a documentary under the title “Ladies First”. However this was considered a drift for the newspaper away from its professional track.

The tweet is the following: “We would like to communicate with Saudi women. Tell us about your lives, ambitions and opinions in the Saudi community.” A link of the documentary was attached to the tweet—the documentary is made by journalist Mona al-Najjar and it tackles the participation of Saudi women in the municipal elections.

Some observers said that the documentary is not negative because it granted women the chance to speak up for their rights and participation in the elections. The tweet, however, contradicted with the documentary.

Citizens rejected the request of the newspaper to communicate with Saudi citizens, demanding that it stops interfering in their issues.

Nahla Nasir al-Anbar tweeted: “We are fine as long as you don’t interfere in our affairs. Saudi women are mature enough to not drift after your media wickedness.” “Chemistry” account owner used a study which reveals that every 15 seconds a woman in the U.S. is being offended sexually or physically.

Tweets agreed that this is an interference in the Saudi affairs and that the newspaper is practicing a delusion for the purpose of defaming Saudi Arabia internationally. Tweeters called on citizens for being aware of what is being planned against the country and not to drift after the media.