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Who Would Butcher a Million? | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The Middle East continues on the path of restlessness and instability and just as science has shown us, every action has a corresponding reaction. If we were to apply this rule to current events in the Arab arena, our understanding of these experiences would improve significantly.

After “preoccupying” the Arabs, whether on the political or popular levels, with the events in Lebanon in which Hezbollah played a key role and created the issue of changing the current government (as if it this is an issue of incomparable importance), it exhausts effort and time with obvious and direct support from Iran at the cost of the pivotal issue, namely the Palestinian issue. The Palestinian crisis has recently witnessed mounting tensions between the two parties, Hamas and Fatah, with clear Iranian support for Hamas, without any prompt, serious and intensive diplomatic moves to curb the problem and without intensifying the issue.

To gather a “million”, one after another in the festivals of rhetoric, promising them the impossible and selling to them nothing but illusions is equivalent to preparing a herd to be slaughtered. This scene repeats itself in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq in a way that evokes pity and astonishment, taking into consideration that all of that would not have happened if help was not sought from a “friend” who is able to spend and support. Perhaps the biggest dreams of Herzel, Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Rabin, Begin, Shamir, Barak, Peres, Netanyahu, Olmert and of course, Ariel Sharon all together would not have envisaged the current tragic scene in Palestine, which is the depressing introduction of civil war and a real beginning of a split between the West Bank and Gaza. With the different priorities and the attempt to rearrange the playing cards, changing the Siniora government became a priority for what happened to have happened. The Palestinians face a fateful decision in determining which course to take and which government they want. The Palestinian cause has for many years been the focal point for all Arabs who have dedicated their future and resources to finding a solution to the crisis. However, infighting and civil war will never be accepted as part of the solution.

There is an individual responsibility that falls upon the Palestinians as a nation to bring this farce to an end and to verify the intentions of those who interfere in Palestinian affairs, the reasons behind this interference and their “sudden” interest. For the Palestinian issue to be resolved, we must abandon the condescending political “ego” and return to the common interest that has supported the cause for many years.