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US Vice President Joseph Biden is not the most tactful politician and he has made numerous verbal gaffes and the position that he has supported undoubtedly confirms this. Biden recently visited the Jewish State of Israel in order to urge the Israelis to take advantage of the opportunity of indirect negotiations with the Palestinians in order to revive the peace process, however at the same time as this Israel announced its intention to build thousands of new housing units in an Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu justified [the timing] of this by saying that he was “not aware” of this decision, and that this decision is outside of his authority. This clarification from Netanyahu deserves a “specific” response, but unfortunately this response did not receive the approval of the op-ed page editor and was therefore removed. Israel is country that requires prior authorization if a fly or mosquito wants to enter its airspace; it is considered to be a police state with espionage activities par excellence. Moreover, it has been in a continuous state of war and emergency that has permitted it to break any [international] law or treaty. Therefore, how can Netanyahu now say that he was unaware that this decision to build thousands of housing units had been made, the details of this decision, and when it would be announced, especially when these housing units are to be built inside Jerusalem, which according to Israeli Law [the Jerusalem Law] is the capital of Israel.

Israel is a state built on a lie, and it continues to practice dishonesty, and therefore Joe Biden had no choice but to call his president – as he clarified himself – who asked him to immediately condemn Israel. Biden clarified that this condemnation came at the request of his president, as if the Israeli actions alone did not justify condemnation. This left Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with no choice but to apologize for not having prior knowledge [of the announcement], although he did not object to the settlement building itself or say that he would put a stop to it.

A comical scene, it is as if the world is watching a primary school teacher reprimanding one of his students, the student would apologize, but then repeat the same abhorrent behavior. At the same time as this, Biden also announced that Iran would not be permitted to possess nuclear weapons and that Israel’s security is America’s security, seemingly forgetting that Israel is the major source of all problems.

Yes, the same tone remained, and the situation in Israel has not changed, Israel says that it desires peace, while all of its actions on the ground are acts of war. This is from possessing the largest nuclear arsenal in the region, to occupying land that does not belong to it, displacing the original inhabitants of this land and destroying their homes. Not to mention breaking all treaties and agreements, failing to implement international resolutions and other evil practices. All of this confirms that Israel remains the source of all problems. A decision to immediately condemn the Israeli settlement building in East Jerusalem and sanctions issued against the rogue Jewish state will ultimately be toothless and will only cause Israel to laugh at this condemnation and indifferently continue on the same path, which of course is precisely what will happen. How long can we remain patient? Time is running out, as is our patience.

Hussein Shobokshi

Hussein Shobokshi

Hussein Shobokshi is a businessman and prominent columnist. Mr. Shobokshi hosts the weekly current affairs program Al-Takreer on Al-Arabiya, and in 1995 he was chosen as one of the "Global Leaders for Tomorrow" by the World Economic Forum. He received his BA in Political Science and Management from the University of Tulsa.

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