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The Al-Assad regime’s wild imagination! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Syria has produced a number a number of talented directors and filmmakers like Moustapha Akkad, Haitham Haqqi, Rasha Sharbatji, Najdat Anzour and Seif al-Seba’ei, amongst others. However all of these big-name directors are not as creative or innovative as the Syrian regime and its wild imagination. With the arrival of the first group of Arab League observers in Damascus to examine the atrocities committed by the Syrian regime over the past nine months and which claimed thousands of lives – and this represents an incontrovertible fact that several human rights and humanitarian organizations agree on, based upon concrete evidence and the testimony of eye-witnesses – the al-Assad regime announced to the world that “twin suicide blasts” had occurred at the heart of Damascus, and instantly blamed the Al Qaeda terrorist organization of responsibility. This announcement was made around just one hour after the explosions took place! This reminds us of the farcical show that the regime put on following the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, namely the video confession of radical terrorist “Abu Adas”, who falsely claimed responsibility for the Hariri assassination, whilst we have not heard anything about him since! So now, we are expected to believe that Al Qaeda suddenly decided to wake up and carry out this terrorist attack in Damascus on the same day that the Arab League observers were scheduled to arrive.

What a coincidence! The reality on the ground indicates that Iran and Syria have infiltrated and indeed directed Al Qaeda over the past few years, whether we are talking about the terrorist operations in the Arabian Peninsula or Iraq. This fact has become an open secret, namely that Al Qaeda today is like a tap of terrorism, which can be turned on or closed, according to the wishes or needs of others.

The situation on the ground in Syria represents compelling evidence and proof that the Syrian regime is in a state of political delusion, whilst the country is experiencing a state of complete lawlessness. Even the two major cities, which the al-Assad regime boasted were safe and secure, have joined the revolution. Protests have broken out in Aleppo and Damascus, and there have been numerous detainees and casualties there. This brought on a regime-wide fit of hysteria, and the Syrian forces continue to kill their own people. Over the past few days the death toll has reached terrifying proportions, whilst the al-Assad regime also reportedly systematically evacuated detainees being held in Homs, Hama, Deir Ezzor and Idlib prisons, transferring them by night to Latakia. This is not to forget the increasing number of defections from the Syrian military and security apparatus, which is a problem that the regime is now encountering on a daily basis. Add to this, the enormous number of young men “refusing” to join the army in the first place, and the al-Assad regime’s crisis is compounded. We must also not forget the collective civil disobedience campaign that is still occurring in most Syrian cities, whilst the Syrian economy is collapsing on all levels.

Whilst Syrian state media presented hilariously specific information and details about the Damascus explosions, such as claims that both cars had pictures of Bin Laden in them, as well as reports that both attacks were carried out by two “suicide bombers” [as opposed to car bombs], and even that one of the perpetrators had been arrested. In this context, it seems clear that the statement given by the Lebanese Defense Minister, who is a Hezbollah affiliate – which of course is one of the close allies of the Syrian regime – two days prior to the explosions, in which he said that Lebanon had information that Al Qaeda elements infiltrated Syria via Lebanon, was nothing more than preparation for the attack itself and its media repercussions. We should also not overlook the comment made by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in his last press conference, where he said “any armed terrorist act taking place before the [Arab] observers won’t be a crime on our part. In fact, it would add credibility to our assertions that armed gangs exist.”

All accusations, evidence, proof and documentation point to the existence of one “criminal gang” and that is the al-Assad regime. As we can see, all of Syria has risen up to fight for its rights and gain its freedom from the grip of this suppressive regime. We have seen the Arab and Muslim World rise up against a sacrilegious cartoonist, and then again against a base pastor who threatened to burn the Holy Quran, therefore it is a shame today that thousands of our Syrian brothers are being killed without any genuine or real endeavour on our part to rush to their rescue. Isn’t it high time we did something?