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Saudi Arabia is facing a new war! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Saudi Arabia is today facing a dirty war; this is a different kind of war that in the language of modern political science can be classified as a soft war, because it uses unconventional tools, but there can be no doubt that this is truly a wretched war.

The amount of drugs and alcohol that is being seized by Saudi border guards can only be described using words like stunning, alarming and enormous. Smugglers cannot be tolerated and neither can the countries that support and assist them in finding all manner of ways and means to introduce drugs and alcohol into a country where the youth makes up almost 70 percent of the total population. These smugglers are attempting to smuggle drugs and alcohol into the country by land, sea and air. According to official statistics, the drugs and alcohol seized by Saudi authorities’ accounts for only 30 percent of the total amount that enters the country. Likewise, many commercial and private websites affiliated to Saudi entities or individuals are facing a relentless cyber-war, whether by crashing a website or hacking it to portray false news and information. This is not to mention the threats that some Saudi diplomatic officials and civilians in some countries have received, in terms of blackmail and humiliation; we also cannot ignore what is happening on some satellite news stations affiliated to certain political trends, where campaigns of lies and insults have been launched against Saudi Arabia and its policies. There can be no doubt that such campaigns have no morals and represent the bottom of the barrel.

Saudi diplomacy in recent times has opted to take a moral stand in certain situations, especially during the Syrian crisis that witnessed the uprising and revolution of the Syrian people, demanding dignity and freedom after longs years of humiliation and oppression. The al-Assad regime responded to the people’s calls with murder, repression, torture and destruction in a brutal and barbaric manner the like of which has never been seen before, and it is possible that one day al-Assad will go down as one of the worst butchers of history, like Hulagu Khan, Adolf Hitler and other bloody examples.

Saudi Arabia today is unilaterally confronting the despicable attacks upon it and the threats to its borders, diplomats and youth. This is because the country has chosen to stand for truth, justice, dignity, freedom and hope, and has chosen not to be a broker of blood, a false witness, or to justify the crimes of a regime that has lost its mind, conscience and faith, and does not fear laws, regulations, states or God.

The type of war that Saudi Arabia is facing today is no longer a secret or shadow war, in fact this war is expected to continue, become dirtier, and descend to unprecedented levels. But Syria, with its revolution, has exposed what was hidden and revealed what was concealed; all issues have become conclusive, in black and white, and the grey area in-between has disappeared. In the past, some parties used to shamefully stand in this grey area, relying on particular circumstances which no longer have any value amidst moral obligations. The rights of the dead and the wounded and the blood that has been shed highlights the need to protect and stand up for the innocent Syrian people; a noble stance against a gang of criminals.

The Syrian regime is exterminating its own people in cold blood. It has no fear and is completely undeterred about harming its own people; it is prepared to do anything so long as this guarantees its survival. Violence is the only language that the Syrian regime speaks.

The new war that Saudi Arabia is facing is no less important than the war it launched in the past, with all its strength and sincerity, against terrorism and barbaric, deviant, oppressive groups, culminating in a Saudi victory.

This new kind of danger means that Saudi Arabia is required to act at all levels and on all fronts, because the al-Assad regime is dying, and this means that it will do anything it believes will prolong its existence, no matter how delusional and misguided.