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Palestine: A legitimate right | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Not even the most optimistic of observers expected that US President Obama would bless Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s endeavour to apply for Palestine’s full membership at the United Nations, thereby becoming an official and fully-recognized state at the UN general assembly. Indeed, what was anticipated and expected happened. President Obama followed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy both rejected the idea in their speeches. The position of both leaders is baffling, contradictory, and fraught with duplicity and hypocrisy. While both heads of state glorify, support, and endorse the Arab revolutions demanding people’s rights and dignity, they stand in the way of a longstanding and just demand made by the only people in the world who are languishing under the talons of humiliating Zionist occupation.

The Palestinians have managed to secure recognition from 130 countries around the world for their independent state and their just cause. Their demand has become an ethical issue which no person with a moral conscience could argue against. But the perpetual support for Israel remains the West’s ultimate moral sin. It is the sin which contravenes written constitutions, the principles of rights, the values of freedom and the foundations of dignity.

Israel is a rogue State par excellence. It infringed upon the territories of others, occupied them, and started bargaining with what it does not own. Israel violated all accepted and established international laws and regulations. It did not respect UN Security Council resolutions and directed its munitions and weapons to attack innocent and unarmed civilians. Israel has never been an advocated of peace and has never believed in it. It has been encouraged in this regard by Western societies and regimes providing it with unlimited support.

Those regimes marketed and promoted Israel as being the only democracy in the Middle East for a long period of time. This claim is nothing but utter nonsense. It is impossible to believe that a country which declares itself as an exclusively Jewish state could be considered “democratic “. Only someone with a wild imagination and an extremely complimentary view of Israel would venture to say so. Such a declaration means that its Muslim, Christian, Druze and Baha’i citizens would automatically be considered as second-class, lacking the rights and privileges that the Jewish Israeli enjoys.

Consequently, the chances that the status quo will remain are very slim, especially amidst the tremendously increasing popular mobility in all areas surrounding the Palestinian territories. This mobility will undoubtedly reach the heart of the Palestinian interior, prompting it to confront the occupying authority of Israel.

By adopting such unjust positions, the West is increasing the level of distrust already existing between it and the Arab World. The West insists on maintaining a blind and adamant bias towards Israel, which does not take into account the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. These people have been engaged in a bitter struggle for decades in order to obtain their rights. By comparison, other States like East Timor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and South Sudan were granted rights in the blink of an eye. The problem is that the issue of recognizing a Palestinian state remains prisoner to the Jewish pressure lobby controlling the decision-making mechanism in the circles of Western politics.

Back in the 1970s, Yasser Arafat flew over to New York to give his most famous speech at the United Nations headquarters. In that speech he called upon the world not to force him to drop the olive branch from his hand. But several decades have passed and the Palestinians are still being deprived the establishment of their own independent state. What is even worse, Israel was given the chance to expand its diabolical colonial policies of expansion through blatant support from its successive governments that displayed no efforts to make peace. Those governments adopted a policy of “procrastination” with regards to the main issue, in order to change the reality on the ground. The claim that Israel wants peace is a gross lie.

Regimes that used to feign defence for the Palestinian cause, and punish their own people under that slogan, have ultimately collapsed. Now the people have advanced to the front line. The next round for Israel won’t be with corrupt regimes which it can deceive, but rather with revolutionary peoples that seek to restore their dignity and freedom. The growing impact of the Arab Spring will unquestionably extend to Palestine. The West’s denial of the Palestinian people’s legitimate right to statehood, and its reluctance to champion this moral cause, will certainly accelerate the breeze of the Arab Spring towards Palestine.