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Libya: A great resolution | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The world is watching closely the consequences of the UN Security Council resolution to impose a no fly zone on Libya in order to stop the defiance of the fierce machine of Muammar Gaddafi’s army, which killed and wounded thousands of Libyans in a barbaric manner. Countries, such as France, Italy, Norway, UAE, Qatar, and others announced that they are joining the forces that are enforcing this no fly zone and that they are going to be concerned with carrying out precise tasks that include attacking the airports and the anti-aircraft equipment and even the warplanes that violate the embargo. This is an issue that comes in the interest of the revolutionaries whose effort to get rid of Gaddafi’s rule reached 90 percent of the Libyan territory but the situation changed as a result of using of an arsenal of warplanes and recruiting some combat pilots from “fraternal” countries and others, in addition to seeking the assistance of columns of mercenaries from Africa and Latin America. As a result, huge damage has been caused among the revolutionaries.

This UN resolution has come at an appropriate and vital time, even if it is a little bit late, but it is beneficial and emphasizes that the whole world has clearly agreed today that the regime of Gaddafi should come to an end and that Libya should be immediately liberated from this odd situation. Some Arab countries, particularly the Gulf Cooperation Council member states and Lebanon, have done well by their relentless and determined efforts with the international community, Europe, and the United Nations to expedite adopting this awaited resolution in spite of the presence of international parties that reject this step or that are hesitant toward it in a way that confused others and threatened the issuance of the resolution. some Arabs who adopted this effort have shown a noteworthy responsibility and leadership and have taken the initiative in a way that forced the world to respect their opinion and to go with them, in addition, of course, to the size of the humanitarian problem and the scenes of killing and destruction that forced the world to adopt this moral and humanitarian stand.

The Libyan regime has not left for itself any honorable or respectable person to defend it. The only sides that remained with it are the “rats” and the “bribed ones” as this regime always describe them. By its resolution, the United Nations is sending a moral message that the annihilation of peoples by vengeful persons such as Al- Gaddafi is something that can never be accepted, and that what he and others used to do secretly and away from the cameras, the eyes of the correspondents, and the screens of the new media is not possible today.

The battle of uprooting the last stages of the hateful rule of Gaddafi has actually begun yesterday and the honorable revolutionaries of Libya are having steel ammunition represented in the opinion of the whole international community. It is no longer possible to say that they are alone in face of a great battle. Gaddafi, who tried to convince the world that he is confronting the Al-Qaeda Organization which is distributing hallucination pills to his people, should try to convince the rest of his supporters about how Al-Qaeda has managed to do so and what kind of hallucination pills that have been given to the world to adopt the recent no fly zone resolution.

Gaddafi’s end has become near, and this would be the response to the prayers of those who suffered from him and his rule.