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In an extensive attempt by the United States of America to understand what is going on in our world, what is written in this and other newspapers in the Arab world receives a large share of observation and translation by research centers and, in particular, American universities that specialize in political science and Middle East studies, a practice that has been on the rise since the September 11 attacks. These bodies must have seen the substantial amount of unprecedented critical activity to significantly, effectively and remarkably analyze Islamic religious thinking and separate the cancerous cells of extremism and inflexibility that has brought the issue of extremism to the table where it is being dealt with openly, shamelessly and without compliment.

Today, the Americans themselves are invited to do the same concerning their own internal affairs and understand how the constitution has been hijacked, rights abused, enemies made and a gang of neoconservatives unexpectedly dominated the destinies and orientation of politics in America. Even at the peak of the dominance of the Senator Joseph McCarthy-led anti-Communists, when actors, singers, writers, journalists, lawyers and unionists who were believed to be Communist “sympathizers” were blacklisted and lost their jobs and their careers were destroyed, even in that tragic situation, matters did not culminate in this complex situation.

America needs to know that many do like it and respect and admire its achievements but also, by the same token, want it to realize that a “gang” has hijacked America’s political values, heritage and glories and tricked the current administration and the people into a war in Iraq – a war that they had nothing to do with and the case of which was built on lies and deliberate misleading. It is unacceptable and unreasonable that a love affair between US President Bill Clinton and a White House trainee became more significant and serious to American national security, thus triggering investigations to decide on the president’s impeachment, than deceiving the entire American people, squandering billions of dollars, causing the losses of thousands of lives and the injuries of tens of thousands. Such a crime cannot be allowed to go unpunished and undeterred in a state where justice and law are above any other authority. The American people are urgently requested to know that there are many sincere friends who wish their blindfolds be removed for them to see what others see.

Now, a deck of cards should be issued that depict the faces of that hateful gang of people who lied, deceived and abused authority. The lives of 3,000 American troops who were killed unjustly because of the lies and deception of that gang are no “cheaper” than those of 3,000 people killed by a gang. Is it not high time to wake up and realize what is happening?