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Operations to Liberate Mosul Commences, Phase Two

Baghdad – Iraqi minister announced yesterday that phase two of operations to liberate Mosul has begun and is expected to end up with positive results.

Iraqi Minister of Agriculture Falah Zaidan confirmed that the operations had indeed already begun as he announced his participation in the combat along with the armed forces and Tribal Mobilization Forces.

Military Advisory of Iraqi Ministry of Defense Lt. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari said that liberation of Mosul started over two months ago and is now in its second stage.

When asked by Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper about Mosul operations concurring with operations in going on inFalluja, Lt. Gen. Askari said that forces won’t be divided between battles. He confirmed that the security forces won’t lose focus adding that today’s forces are not those of 2014 when ISIS took over Mosul.

Military Advisor Askari explained that fighting at more than one front will cut reinforcements to ISIS, especially from Mosul. He concluded that initiating battle in more than one city of Mosul and in al-Qayara military base will lead to ISIS defeat.

Minister of Agriculture Falah Zaidan, of al-Lohayeb tribe, announced his participation in the combat. He told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that he had left his position in the government and joined the field to fight in Mosul as part of Makhmour division.

Zaidan added that retrieving Mosul from ISIS control is all Iraqis dream.

Zaidan explained that citizens of Mosul formed the National Tribal Mobilization Forces with the consent of the government.

Regarding the areas that have been liberated, Zaidan said that they are on the left side of Qayara and the troops are advancing further, he added: “Fierce clashes are occurring in the area and security forces are inflicting heavy losses upon ISIS which means that ISIS is trying to stabilize their position in Mosul meaning they already know they have lost.”

Commander of Iraq’s Counter Terrorism Forces Lt. Gen. Abdul Ghani al-Asadi announced that few days separate the security forces from liberating al-Shirqat.

During a press conference, Asadi declared that security forces have finished their preparations to initiate a wide-ranged military operation to liberate Shirqat.