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Fallujah Widens the Gap between Abadi and Sunni Bloc | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Civilians who fled their homes due to clashes gather at the Iraq army’s Camp Tariq, south Fallujah, Iraq, June 3, 2016 / Reuters

With the awaited ruling of the Federal Court on the legitimacy of the presidency of parliament and the unresolved governmental changes between ministers who refuse to leave their positions and ministers who haven’t sworn yet, the Fallujah battle widened the rift between Abadi and Iraqi Coalition Forces.

Some believe that Abadi will take advantage of Fallujah battle to exclusively rule the government.

Shiite and Kurdish forces considered Abadi’s decisions to release two of the main bank managers from their positions as part of his reform campaign.

In a statement issued by the union, the Iraqi Coalition Forces condemned Abadi of monopolizing power saying it will lead the country to political collision. The union warned of the continuous “appointment by proxy” which will lead to a new form of dictatorship.

Coalition expressed its astonishment of Abadi’s insistence of marginalizing partners even in his decisions to “appoint by proxy”. According to the statement, this shows clear will to marginalize Sunnis.

The statement went on to say that the coalition will thus warn Abadi of the ramifications of such policies and his evasion to execute the governmental plan.

Leader of Sadrist Movement Muqtada Sadr went further than that and accused, for the first time, Abadi of corruption.

In a brief statement issued, Sadr described Abadi’s latest reforms as “patching reforms” that establish corruption even more.

Coalition also demanded to hold Iraq’s Federal Police Chief Raed Shaker Jawdat accountable for all violations in Fallujah and his request to keep Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) from participating in Fallujah liberation operations.

MP of the Coalition Forces Salah al-Jubouri told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that Abadi didn’t act upon the partnership agreements starting with the first reform till the most recent one where he replaced managers of banks and public inspector without consulting anyone.

Jubouri added that violating the laws will not be helpful in reforms and will thus lead to new problems.

Meanwhile, Coalition Forces accused Federal Police Chief of violations in Fallujah and asked Abadi to investigate the case, thus making it the first time a political side investigates a high-ranking military leader.

In its statement, the coalition said that PMF was military disciplined in liberating al-Karma and al-Saqlaweyyah, yet Federal Police didn’t abide by the orders of the Prime Minister by allowing factions of PMF to enter the city center of Fallujah.

MP of Iraqi Forces Union Mohammed al-Karbouli told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the violations have been documented through pieces of evidence and testimonies. He added that they are awaiting the investigation results.