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Trump Pranks Jeb Bush by Stealing His Website Campaign

Trump Pranks Jeb Bush by Stealing His Website Campaign

Trump Pranks Jeb Bush by Stealing His Website Campaign

Washington- It seems that the electoral competition between Bush and Trump is not limited to TV and media statements, confrontations in debates, and primary elections as it moved on to competing for the purchase domains and redirecting websites to the buyers domain.

If you tried to check the official website for the Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, type in “jebbush.com”, and you’ll be redirected to Donald Trump’s official campaign site, trying to Make America Great Again!

Trump tweeted as he mocked Jeb Bush by saying: “Jeb forgot to renew the rights to his domain name for his website. Guess who bought the website?” He boasted on Twitter for redirecting the page to his own.

The majority of presidential candidates reserve domains that relate to their campaigns before they announce their intention to run. With that in mind, it seems that Jeb Bush’s campaign team clearly didn’t think that the website address “jebbush.com” was a useful asset to the campaign, making no effort to secure the domain and ultimately leaving another candidate like Donald Trump free to snap it up. Therefore, Trump purchased Jeb Bush’s website after the latter failed to renew the domain name.

Trump’s campaign team has denied that they are behind the registering of this website domain and that may be the case. After all, Trump has an incredibly strong support base, and there’s a good chance that one of his supporters simply saw this as an easy opportunity to back their candidate, yet no doubt Trump’s team is quietly thanking whoever did so.

No matter who registered this domain, it has dealt another blow to a presidential campaign that is quite clearly struggling. Jeb Bush expected his level of support to be high amongst Republican voters following his brother, George Bush’s administration. However, Bush has consistently struggled to have his voice heard in an incredibly crowded primary scene, and frontrunner Donald Trump has been quick to paint Bush as weak.

The Bush campaign’s downfall hasn’t just come as a result of Trump’s attacks however. The candidate has faced multiple mishaps, often being tarnished as just not interesting enough in a field of candidates that range from Donald Trump’s far right views to the self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side and his competitor Hilary Clinton.

Nevertheless, although Jeb Bush may have been a credible presidential candidate in elections gone by, it is pretty clear that voters are looking for something very different in their next President, and Bush just can’t provide that.

Either way, Bush’s failure to snap up the campaign’s most basic web domain is a remarkable oversight. Online presence matters more than ever with the 2016 presidential campaign, and the last thing Bush wants is for his supporters to be won over by Trump’s policies when they next try to look-up his online presence.

Some might say that this is just another example of a complete lack of professionalism in the Jeb Bush campaign and possibly goes some way to explain why he only managed to pick up only three percent of the votes in Iowa, with that number only increasing to 11% in New Hampshire.

All eyes are now on the upcoming South Carolina primaries, where Bush is continuing to poll at around five percent. If he’s unable to pick that number up quickly, there’s a good chance that the end of the road for Jeb Bush’s presidential bid might just be around the corner.

On the other hand, amidst Trump’s attempts to win in South Carolina, his competitors are highly attacking him in addition to President Barack Obama who dismissed the possibility of Trump being a president by saying that the American people are too “sensible” to elect him.

“I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president,” Obama said. “The reason is that I have a lot of faith in the American people. Being president is a serious job. It’s not hosting a talk show, or a reality show,” he added.

Nonetheless, following Obama’s statements criticizing Trump, the latter attacked President Barack Obama by calling him “the worst president in U.S. history”.