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Saudi FM Jubeir: Trump’s First Foreign Visit Choice Sends a Powerful Message | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Saudi foreign minister Adel Al Jubeir with US secretary of state Rex Tillerson in Washington on May 2, 2017. Michael Reynolds / EPA

Washington – Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said the White House’s decision on making Saudi Arabia President Donald Trump’s first international visit since he took office sends a powerful message on how important Saudi-US ties are.

In an exclusive presser held at Saudi embassy in Washington, which Asharq Al-Awsat attended, Jubeir explained that the upcoming visit is vital and considered historic in many ways. He also anticipated that positive outcomes would be achieved as a result.

FM Jubeir said Trump’s time in Saudi Arabia would include a bilateral summit, a meeting with Arab Gulf leaders and another with leaders of Arab and Muslim countries.

Speaking to reporters, Jubeir said that this visit reflects the United States’ respect of the wise leadership guiding the Kingdom, which always seeks to enhance security, stability and peace in the region and world, reported the Saudi Press Agency SPA.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the first partner for the United States of America in the Arab and Islamic nations,” he said.

Jubeir stressed on Saudi Arabia being a key state in combating terrorism and extremism, pointing out that the Kingdom has provided the Arab Peace Initiative which is a key reference to a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict where President Trump is seeking to end this conflict.

“The Kingdom is the first partner for the US in combating terrorism and extremism as well as eradicating ISIS and al-Qaeda. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of countries addressing the Iranian negative interferences in the regional affairs. This is an important issue for the United States,” added Jubeir.

“Therefore, the partnership with the Kingdom is very important.”

“President Trump desires to restore the US role in the world which is welcomed by US allies. He also expressed his desire to destroy ISIS and terrorist groups. President Trump also seeks to address the Iranian illegal practices in the region. All these matters are welcomed by US allies in the region. So, we are allies with the US administration in these issues,” Jubeir added.

“The US President’s visit to the Kingdom is historic by all standards. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and serves the Two Holy Mosques. Terrorism and extremism cannot be defeated without the Kingdom,” Jubeir explained.

“We are the closest partners in the fight against terrorism and extremism. The Kingdom is at the forefront of countries against Iran’s negative and illegal activities. The Kingdom is at the forefront of countries fighting the terrorist ISIS organization. The Kingdom has provided the Arab Peace Initiative. The Kingdom has a key role in pushing the peace process forward. The Kingdom has huge investments in the US economy. The Kingdom is a big trading partner with the United States, which means existence of enormous economic and financial interests between the two countries,” Jubeir added.

In order to achieve goals set by President Trump, whether in restoring the US role, defeating ISIS, containing Iran, promoting peace or enhancing investment, trade and prosperity, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the key to these issues.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among the US most important allies in the Arab and Islamic world, and is one of the most important international partners with respect to economy, trade and investment.

“It’s a very clear message to the world that the US and the Arab and Islamic countries can form a partnership,” he said.

“This visit will enhance, we believe, cooperation between the US and Arab and Islamic countries in combating terrorism and extremism. It has enormous interests in the region and world,” Jubeir concluded.