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“Mother of all bombs” is really scary, it weighs ten tons and has unprecedented explosive capabilities, if we exclude the nuclear bomb. The bomb is designed to penetrate barricades and invade dungeons and tunnels. There is no hope for anyone in the targeted place. It is like a ruthless programmed earthquake.

There is no exaggeration in describing it as the “mother of bombs” – ISIS, Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters must think twice about this. Setting fire to any US asset is truly now a suicide mission. US is capable of reaching everywhere.

What used to be a safe haven no longer merits that name.

Tunnels no longer sufficient to hide from the rage of the Mr. President at the White House.

Russian generals will most likely be considering this for a long time. Their army doesn’t have the capability of turning cities into fields of destruction. Dreading this bomb alone is enough to challenge them and create deep cracks in the spirits of their partners. The generals know that what is more important than the power of this bomb is the fast decision that can be taken to launch it.

Let’s set the Russian officials aside under their vast nuclear umbrella.

No doubt that “mother of bombs” is meant towards the North Korean leader who is addicted to the policy of nuclear and missile blackmail. He received the news while preparing to celebrate the anniversary of his grandfather amid an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. His generals should learn from what happened on the Afghani arena.

It is the same thing for Iranian generals who managed to shift the approach of diplomatic and missile tunnels into a permanent policy. They are aware that the bomb, equipped with explosives and messages, came just a week after US showered Shayrat airport with missiles. They also know that taking the decision to launch these missiles is far more dangerous than actually doing it.

It is most likely that the military generals in Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Syria are sorry that Obama’s presidency is over. During Obama’s era, the US “red line” became a joke on social media outlets. Some were hasty into thinking that the US is a paper mâché tiger.

Can a journalist venture and say that Trump’s actual period began when he targeted the Syrian airport and was confirmed when he approved the launch of “mother of all bombs”? And can we say that what is more dangerous than this dreadful bomb is the alteration of the image of the current president residing in the Oval Office?

Since he took office, Trump had been under his allies and enemies’ surveillance and his 100-days’ test was not an easy one with so many talks about the mayhem in the new administration and its lack of a unified vision and team.

The latest period was not short of contradicting statements and hasty decision. Many even predicted that Trump’s presidency will be damaged beyond repair internally before externally; a damage that will make it similar to Obama’s time and his famous red line.

It is clear that Trump had listened to the advice of his generals and members of staff. US have to be strong if it wants to have an influence. It had to regain its power and recreate a clear image of the president; one in which he doesn’t hesitate to take tough decisions when he thinks they are crucial to protect his country’s interests in the world.

So, Trump acted on the basis that during his presidency, US is capable of assuring its allies and worrying its enemies.

The missiles that targeted the Shayrat airport brought the US red line back to life. Trump’s administration benefited from the chemical attack and the president took a quick decision which put the Syrian regime back in the position of the guilty – and damaged the image of the Russian president and his country’s role. This came along with a very important political move when Trump waived the card of improving relations with China if Russia decides to go along with protecting the Syrian regime’s actions and its non-commitment to a serious political process.

The bomb on Afghanistan came to confirm that US is leading the war from Afghanistan to Mosul through Raqqa and that the role of Russia is shady or incomplete.

Through both strikes, US looked like it was back in the driver’s seat which made it capable of distributing guarantees, assurances and cautions. Trump’s return from Twitter to the US institutions will have a resonating effect on the international balances if it continued.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin most likely made a huge mistake when he hesitated in launching a serious and convincing political process in Syria, as he preferred to wait for a full deal. Had that been the case, Trump would have no other choice but to support the Russian Syria to eliminate the chances of an Iranian Syria.

When Mr. President of the US takes back the leadership and brings back the fierceness of his country’s diplomacy, Mr. President of this country or that one, should reconsider matters.

Ghassan Charbel

Ghassan Charbel

Ghassan Charbel is the editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

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