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An Arab Awakening in a Moment of Necessity | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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This is what took place on the grounds of the Arab League on Sunday the 10th January 2016 – the Arab awakening if we may call it, and long overdue it was. However, in the end it took place during a moment of necessity to ward off the possibilities of harm. As a result of this delay, the Iranian regime carried out bold, fearless deeds that aimed to emphasise that it is master of the region. It committed acts that it thinks will subjugate the Arab state of affairs relying on the fact that Arab regimes are not equipped to confront the Iranian “genie” who known unknowns want to extract from the bottle.

In the absence of compatibility the genie is active in attracting some Arabs to it and consolidating interests with them. At the same time, sectarian groups in some countries soaring in the space of the Khomeini revolution are strengthened through consolidating the military situation of these sectarian forces.

This behaviour has become a case of arrogance or “revolutionary arrogance” which makes the regime in Iran and its wings expand its circle of endeavour to lay hands on unstable Arab regimes leading to the disturbance of stable regimes. These various wings encouraged the international community to acknowledge after procrastinating for a long time that Iran is a “nuclear state”. This recognition on the one hand and the dubious relationship between the Iranian regime and Russia on the other pushed those wings to commit acts that they think will make them the unavoidable factor in the region.

When operation decisive storm confused the fearless deeds of its wings more and made its important plans fail to create a new suitable situation to implement its plans like it did in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria, they lost their balance and resorted to more disruption in order to strive for a settlement in Syria and try to make the prudent initiative to elect a president in Lebanon a success. Since this disruption did not ease the confusion arising from the failure of its Yemeni project, it found some of the lost balance in the implementation of the judicial rulings in Saudi Arabia against terrorists including Nimr Al-Nimr.