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Saudi Arabia Receives 4 Million Syrian and Yemeni Refugees | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Syrian refugees currently comprise about 20 percent of Lebanon’s total population [Reuters]

Jeddah – Syrians escaping the war in their country found safe refuge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is welcoming thousands of refugees without imposing any condition or placing them in camps.

Saudi Arabia was among the first nations to rush into helping the Syrian people, whether inside their country or in their asylum states like Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.

It is well known that the kingdom defends the rights of Syrian people on all international arenas. Prince Saud bin Faisal began his speech at the Arab meeting of foreign ministers wondering whether it was customary for an Arab ruler to kill his people.

Faisal criticized the oppressing regime, condemned its methods and brought its mistakes to light.

In his speech, the prince also spoke of Saudi Arabia’s role in protecting people and ending the wars that killed thousands of civilians.

Historically, Saudi Arabia always supported the causes of people of the Arab world. This was highlighted during the appointment of the Saudi foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir who said in 2015 that Saudi Arabia will continue to support the Syrian people militarily, financially, and politically until they have gained all their rights.

Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian role is also remarkable towards the Yemeni people, whether inside or outside their country, in face of the tyranny of the Houthis and the former president Ali Abdallah Saleh.

The kingdom not only launched its Decisive Storm operation to help Yemeni people militarily, but it also sent humanitarian aid for the people and thousands of refugees in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this year, Saudi Foreign ministry announced that the Kingdom is not concerned with announcing or showing off its efforts in helping the Syrian people, as it only does so due to its religious and humane duty.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians who wanted to stay in Saudi Arabia were granted the residence card and offered all services including free health-care, education, and job opportunities.

In 2012, a royal decree was issued to include all Syrian students, visiting on Saudi Arabian soil, within the Saudi educational system. The foreign ministry said that there are over 200 thousand Syrian students enrolled in the Saudi educational system.

In addition, Saudi Arabia offered support and aid to Syrians in neighboring countries such as Jordan and Lebanon. The humanitarian aid was offered in accordance with the rules of the hosting states and international organizations.

Since the Syrian war began three years ago, Saudi Arabia had provided about $700 million in humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees, according to the foreign ministry.

Political analyst and member of Saudi Shura Council Sadaka Fadel said that the procedures taken by the Saudi government are to ensure the rights of the residents.

Fadel said that the Arab region is in turmoil and thus governments should act to reconstruct the political situation in order to find solutions for the current situation.