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Decisive Storm Seminar Reveals Houthi Under-the-table Struck Deals with Yemeni Parties | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Decisive Storm Seminar Reveals Houthi Under-the-table Struck Deals with Yemeni Parties

Decisive Storm Seminar Reveals Houthi Under-the-table Struck Deals with Yemeni Parties

Decisive Storm Seminar Reveals Houthi Under-the-table Struck Deals with Yemeni Parties

Riyadh- A seminar at the Saudi 30TH Janadriyah festival on Sunday has dealt with the “decisive storm” and the geopolitical changes happening in the region. The seminar was held at the King Faisal Conference Hall in Riyadh. It highlighted the Iranian greed spreading into the region and how the Saudi-led Arab coalition has confronted it in an effort to keep Iran from being left alone with Yemen.

. Najeeb Ghallab, Head of Aljazeera Alarabiyah Center for Studies and Research forum, pointed out that Iran has proceeded with its plans based on a miscalculation. It has depended on the Zaidiyyah Shi’ite sect to help in taking over Yemen as a whole. Iran has skipped the day on the differences on perception in “Fiqh” (Islamic divine law) between Houthis and the Zaidiyyis, and has attempted to yield a political and religious state designed with a specific ideology. Iran has also taken advantage of the Yemeni deepened strife on the presidential institution to plant Houthi militias for the Iranian ideology to be implemented.

Ghallab explained that the six wars waged by Houthis against the Yemeni Legitimate government, have changed the political parties’ definition of the group. Their insurgency sparked in the Saada Governorate then spread towards Zaidiyyah inhabited regions after their Coup d’état.

Moreover, Ghallab confirmed that Houthi militia has managed to infiltrate into the Yemeni Left and the precedent government. He also mentioned that Houthis have taken part in 2011in the rebellion against the now-ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Moreover, political parties have accepted the Houthis as a basic component of Yemen’s make-up, and have integrated them to all the deliberations regarding the political process, despite that they have refused the Gulf initiative and announced going forth with the insurgency against President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

Houthi militia had struck under-the-table deals with all parties, who had believed that the militia would benefit them with terminating the 30 year-old Saleh corrupt remnants from the country, and launch a new unsoiled rule. However, an Iranian cell organization had planned for the Houthis something more, the political parties were not aware of their true intentions that showed up after the insurgency. The group flashed its vicious truth.

Ghallab also mentioned that the Iranians created a system for the Houthis comprised of vulnerable institutions that are led by insurgent committees which control all the vectors of the government and manipulate the ministers. Yemen as a whole was turned into a hostage in the hands of a Supreme Leader who dubs himself great. Khamenei had attempted to include Yemen to his Wilayat al Faqih propaganda until the process was obstructed by the Decisive Storm.

The conspiracy, before the Decisive Storm, had planned for Yemen to become the center for launching wars against the Arabs after it was transformed to an Iranian colony head by gangs. Yemen was set to become a replica to Iran, which would be considered the greatest victory in the history of the Iranian revolution.

The Yemeni people have sensed danger after the insurgency, and now welcome the Decisive Storm, and back the spent efforts for the reinstatement of legitimate governmental institutions, putting them into effect again.

On the other hand, Moroccan expert, Dr. Abd al-Haq Azoozi , said that the Arabs should take a serious look into fixing the Arab League. This case is a corner stone to all priorities, and a preliminary principal to all sessions held to remove all the harm inflicted on the Arab world.

Recent Arab awareness, a real story, which is supported by the positive Arab coalition in Yemen is a manifest of political sciences and international relations.