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French Diplomat: ‘Moscow’s Behavior in Syria Incompatible with Combating Terrorism’ | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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French Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Bertrand Besancenot

Riyadh-A French official revealed that differences between Paris and Moscow are due to the latter’s ambiguous intentions in explaining its focused air strikes on civilians and Syrian opposition in Aleppo.

The official noted the incompatibility in the Russian behavior and efforts put to fight terrorism, thus failing attempts to face ISIS and giving opportunity to Bashar al-Assad, who is using terrorism to kill civilians in opposition areas, to stay in power.

For his part, French Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Bertrand Besancenot commented on the church incident in northern France, near Rouen.

Besancenot told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that they have been facing demented terrorists’ phenomena recently. “What happened in Munich and now in Rouen’s church put us before new challenge, and I believe it has emerged from the organizing terrorism.”

He added that he does not rule out that these deranged people are trying to apply ISIS’ ideas they are watching on TV channels and on other media sources.

Besancenot also said that terrorism is targeting European countries variously; however, it is affecting the whole world in an organized way following the lead of militias and terrorist organizations.”

The French ambassador explained that some of these deranged people are not only affected by ISIS’ acts but they are affiliated with it in a way or another.

He further stressed the importance of planning an international united and integrated strategy that is based on coordination and exchange of information and expertise in order to trap and limit terrorists’ activities.

Besancenot said it is crucial that his country participates in the world fight against ISIS in Syria, yet without resorting to the Russian way.

Besancenot described the acts of the Russians and the Syrian regime in Aleppo as major crimes against humanity; still some countries are not cooperating with the French initiative to end such acts.

He also told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that France is urging the United Nations to ask Moscow to respect and implement the conditions issued by the Security Council regarding protecting civilians, delivering humanitarian aids and supporting the political solution seriously while keeping Bashar al-Assad out of Syria’s future.