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“Betrayal”behind Bombing Emergency Forces Command Mosque

“Betrayal”behind Bombing Emergency Forces Command Mosque

Riyadh- In a statement issued on the terrorist attack that targeted worshipers in Emergency Forces Command mosque in Asir region on 6 August last year, which resulted in the martyrdom of 11 security personnel and 4 Bangladeshi workers in addition to injuring 33 people, the Security Spokesman of the Saudi Interior Ministry, Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki, said that the security authorities disclosed the stages of these attacks.

In the first stage, al Turki confirmed the affiliation of Saudi suicide bomber, Yousef Suleiman Abdullah Al-Suleiman with a terrorist group whose two hideouts were stormed on the 17th of September; one located at Al-Monsiah district in Riyadh and the second in Dharma province. This group provided shelter for al-Suleiman when he came from Jouf to Riyadh, as they provided him with an apartment at Falah district that was stormed on 29 September, 2015. Shortly after, the terrorist group moved to a location in Dharma province where Yousef Al-Suleiman was trained there to use the explosive belt and taped his will to be broadcasted after executing the operation.

In the second stage, and after he completed his training and recorded his will, he was transferred from Riyadh region to ‘Asir region by Fahad Falah Al-Harbi, a Saudi national, who was arrested. There he joined a terrorist cell led by Saeed Ayed Al Deir Al-Shahrani, also a Saudi national. Fahad Falah Al-Harbi along with his wife, Abeer Abdullah Al-Harbi, transferred an explosive belt in his car from Riyadh region to ‘Asir region, knowing that his wife’s gender would facilitate the move.

The final stage was on the day of the attack, when Yousef Suleiman Abdullah Al-Suleiman wore the explosive belt and went to the headquarters of Emergency Force in ‘Asir region with the help of a member from the cell, Selah Ali Ayed Al-Deir Al-Shahrani, solider at the Emergency Private Forces, who was influenced by the ideas of his uncle, Saeed Ayed Saeed Al-Deir Al-Shahrani, who convinced him to take part in this heinous crime. He and two others involved in this terrorist act, Fouad Mohammed Yahya Al Dahoee and Saleh Fahd Dhakheel Al-Daraan, all Saudi nationals, have been arrested, while the rest remain on the run.