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A close look at any recent news bulletin on any satellite channel would make you think that violence, danger, abuse and despotism, as well as political, ideological and sectarian division, exists only in the Arab world.

For example, let us consider the headlines of a recent news bulletin:

1. Fights break out in Libya between the national army and remnants of tribes loyal to the Gaddafi regime.

2. Fighting in the streets of Rif Dimashq governorate and major Syrian cities between the regime’s troops and the Free Syrian Army.

3. Fierce battles between demonstrators and Egypt’s Central Security Forces, in the vicinity of the Ministry of Interior in Cairo, continue for a fourth day in a row.

4. The headquarters of the ruling Freedom and Justice Party’s headquarters in Alexandria and Suez are set on fire.

5. Unrest heightens in Amman between demonstrators and the Jordanian police, in protest against soaring prices.

6. Medium-range missiles launched in a war between al-Qassam Brigades and Islamic Jihad on the one hand, and the Israeli army on the other.

7. Militant groups attack several government facilities in Sana’a, with one of the groups’ leaders being arrested.

8. Violence and demonstrations erupt between Salafi jihadist factions and state police forces in southern Tunisia.

9. Massed demonstrations take place in Kuwait with the police using tear gas in response.

10. Elements inciting against the regime in Bahrain, having been funded by Iran, inciting are arrested.

11. The returning scenes of collective massacres in Algeria, which prevailed during the earlier war between the government and religious groups.

12. Tensions on the Turkish-Syrian border.

13. The fear of an outbreak of terrorism again in Beirut and Tripoli, targeting senior political figures.

14. Lebanese Hezbollah party leaders stress the resistance will not put down its arms until Palestine is liberated.

15. The emergence of new organizations loyal to al-Qaeda in the north and south of the Sinai Peninsula, with arms smuggled from Gaza.

16. Military hostilities erupt between South Sudan and Sudan.

17. A coup d’etat, plotted by former senior leaders in the Sudanese army, is uncovered in Khartoum.

All this makes the Arab world an investment-free zone; a zone where terrorism is encouraged and security and stability are threatened.

Is there a scientific and logical reason as to why tension, anger, violence and unrest seem to be exclusive to the Arab world?