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There is new Israeli intelligence information about an imminent Palestinian intifada, ranging from Gaza to Ramallah.

This information was leaked from the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate, but no one can be sure whether the objective of such an information leakage is to prevent a genuine intifada that is being secretly prepared underground, or whether it is merely a media cloud intended to cover up another crime committed by the occupying Israeli army.

This issue cannot be analyzed without taking four other fundamental factors into consideration, which are as follows:

1- The criminal attacks committed in the vicinity of al-Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem, and the attempts to Judaize the Arab and Muslim surrounding areas.

2- The criminal operations carried out by Israeli warplanes on the Palestinian side of Rafah, aiming to strike the secret tunnels between Egypt and Gaza.

3- The failure of the Amman negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, and the Palestinian Authority’s deeply held conviction that there will be no future for the negotiations under the current Netanyahu government. On the other hand, there has been progress in the negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

4- This all is happening whilst the American administration is preoccupied with the US presidential elections, and is freezing any effective diplomatic activity when it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.

Hence, with this equation in mind, we can refer back to the key elements that caused the first and second Palestinian intifadas, to determine whether Israel’s intelligence information is likely to be correct.

There is now a fear that a new Palestinian intifada, if it is to happen, will be militarized. However, militarization in this context would be to the advantage of Israel’s alleged war on “terrorism”.

The intifada, if it is to happen, must be peaceful and must adopt all forms of effective protest. This will place Israel in a genuine crisis and expose its crimes.

The weeks to come will be decisive in this regard.