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The Assassination of Pierre Gemayal…a Shock to the Lebanese Generation | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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I feel that from the assassination of Minister Pierre Gamayel, Lebanon has lost a talented young man who was full of vitality and warmth and who enjoyed a great sense of responsibility. His assassination is a tragedy on both the familial and national levels. Undoubtedly, it has been a great shock to a hopeful Lebanese generation as Gamayel is now an example of the ongoing Lebanese tragedy that has been taking place over three decades.

This recent act of terrorism cannot be received by silence and consent. It is imperative that those who stand for humanitarian cooperation react in a way that would awaken the lifeless consciences, elevate a sense of determination and warn against the heinous destiny that awaits that country.

Murder can never be the law of any society and the eliminating of another human being is far from a heroic act. On the contrary, accepting the other and living peacefully with those who disagree and those who are in competition is what every human being should seek to accomplish.

We have suffered bitterness and tragedy as a result of the adoption of a culture of murder and elimination. The time has come for us to realize the extent of the damage that is inflicted upon the whole of society. Nowadays, we are in the greatest need of restoring the lost essence of family and love in order to build a different future for our miserable region.

I share the grievances of my friend Sheikh Amine Gamayel, the father of Pierre, for Lebanon’s loss. My friendship with the martyred minister extended beyond partisanship. What unites us with Pierre Gamayel is a long-standing friendship with members of the family and a mutual consideration that surpasses all statements.