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A Bashar al-Assad Ramadan! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The countdown to the end of the Bashar al-Assad regime seems to have begun during the holy month of Ramadan, and this coincided with the escalation of massacres committed against the grieving people of Syria. It seems as if the Syrian regime has taken the decision to break its fast during Ramadan, with Syria’s cities being its preferred dish! Whilst if it is true to say that the Syrian people’s favoured drink, particularly during the month of Ramadan, is Qamardeen juice [made from dried apricot], then the al-Assad regime seems to prefer the Syrian people’s blood, shedding this without mercy! The regime carried out massacres in Aleppo and Damascus, as well as other parts of the country, as a warning that it intended to still be in power at the end of the month, when it will celebrate Eid in its own style! The regime showed that those who are indifferent to the sanctity of blood do not care about the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan. For the regime, the beginning of the month of Ramadan was characterized by clashes, whilst the middle of the month saw massacres, and we are now ending the holy month with people being thrown into the fire!

The Syrian regime’s month of massacres was not preceded by the rising of a new moon; rather we have 25 million moons shining brightly, namely the Syrian people. Whenever a Syrian rises to demand his human dignity and freedom, the regime’s thugs would come out to say: welcome to tyranny and injustice! Whilst when the regime is breaking its fast with Syrian blood, killing the brave Syrian people, each executioner would murmur: O leader, we have broken our fast with your blessing and quenched our thirst for blood; therefore our reward and pay are all deserved! It is said that the devils are chained up during Ramadan, however this is with the exception of Syria, where al-Assad’s devils and demons have been unleashed to wreak havoc. Indeed, this is their favourite time, for in other months, the regime was only able to confront and kill the people on a large-scale on Fridays, however during Ramadan the people come together in this manner every day to pray Taraweeh prayers and this is an irresistible opportunity to make sacrificial offerings to Maher al-Assad and the Syrian bloodsuckers!

All Muslims recite the Quran during the holy month, whereas the al-Assad regime thugs read the Baathist party’s holy book day and night, filling their hearts with fear of the regime, which in terns impels them to seek forgiveness and dread its torture! Excuse me, did I say Baathist party? What Baathist party? The Syrian Baathist party is nothing more than the greatest and most cunning deception on the world at large. This “Baathism” is nothing but a cover that the al-Assad regime is using to conceal its sectarianism. How else can we explain a supposedly “secular” regime building such strong alliances with the mullahs of Iran? How can this regime function as the official sponsor of Iran’s deputy in Lebanon, namely Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah? Nasrallah may dress in a robe and turban, but the fact of the matter is that the Syrian popular uprising has exposed him and his disgraceful stance towards a nation that is suffering the most barbaric forms of torture and killing.

The Syrian people have carried out brave and courageous deeds on Syrian soil, particularly as their uprising has been prolonged and they have faced the regime’s unparalleled tyranny, torture and violence! The Syrian people are well aware that retreat at this point would only mean even more violence, and therefore they can only continue to go forward. However this is not enough, for the Syrian people today are in dire need of funding and weapons and now that the Syrian regime’s grip on the country is weakening, there is no excuse not to arm the Syrian rebels. As the fighting intensifies across Syria during the holy month of Ramadan, the Syrian rebels are running out of ammunition. I read one tweet from the Free Syrian Army, which said “when we announce our withdrawal from any location after we have run out of ammunition, the Arabs who are standing idly by should know that they have run out of morality!” The chant, “your silence is killing us” has reverberated across Syria; however it has failed to find an echo in the Arab world. Now is the time for serious action to stop the regime shedding the Syrian people’s blood, as well as to shackle all its devils and demons, particularly the top devil himself, as he has taught them all this evil!