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The War by Proxy and the Emergence of the Arab World | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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After three weeks of the by proxy war waged by Israel against Lebanon, the outlines of this war, and its causes and aims became quite clear. The mask that covered many attitudes has collapsed due to this savage war, and vital facts emerged from its ruins.

It has become clear that Israel is committing a war by proxy on behalf of the USA to “defend Israel’s security”. Hence, the decision of the USA to give Israel more time to “terminate Hezbollah” and weaken Lebanon and Syria. A decision that dominated the G8 and the last meeting in Rome.

The first tool for justifying this war is to propagate that it is a war against “Hezbollah” as a terrorist or Shiite party. Henceforth, the attempts started to win over some Sunnite, Druze and Christian politicians in Lebanon and other places, in order to facilitate for the aggressor the isolation of Lebanon and depriving it of Arab solidarity. The aggression was proceeded by a press bombardment to spread a notion that Hezbollah is “a country within a country” followed by an open call for spreading the Lebanese army, which is known for its poor abilities, to defend Lebanon and to disarm Hezbollah.

All the Arab peoples supported the resistance. Meanwhile, the official Arabic attitude retreated to the days of the mandate governments, and the international attitude retreated to the brutality of the period that proceeded World War II, when peoples where left under the burden of the wars of the aggressive powers.

In spite of all the media blackout which Israel imposed upon its brutal crimes, the world was able to see the use of internationally prohibited weapons such as phosphoric and cluster bombs, and the destruction of houses and the burning of children and burying them under the debris of their houses, in a repetition of Israel’s massacres in Lebanon in 1982 and 1996 and before and after that date. When all its methods failed in conquering the resistance, Israel took out of its quiver a recorded tape by Ayman Al-Zawahiri in an attempt to stain the resistance with terrorism, exactly as Bush’s administration had done when they presented a recorded tape by Bin Laden at one moment of the election campaign, an act that had a great effect in president Bush’s success in the second elections.

Israel plans to break up Lebanon and transform it to a sectarian state dates back to the year 1954 when Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharet exchanged letters to put a plan for transforming Lebanon into a Christian state and destroying the coexistence between its sects. The Egyptian magazine “Al-Taleaah” published a number of documents that go back to 1954 about a Zionist plan to divide Lebanon and establish a sectarian state in its place. These documents which the Egyptian magazine had translated literally from the Hebrew text and published in the Israeli newspaper “Davar” in October 29th 1971 show that Ben-Gurion was pushing to achieve this plan since 1954. Al-Anwar newspaper published these documents on March 7th 1976. At that time, the major obstacle that stopped them from carrying out their plan was the non-existence of any support from the inside. Moshe Sharet wrote to Ben-Gurion on the third of March 1954 “Any attempt to evoke a movement from the outside is doomed to fail if it does not already exist in the inside”. After he had read the correspondences between Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharet, Ilyaho Sasson wrote to Moshe Sharet on March 25th 1954: “We must do anything to shake the stability of the Arab countries, and to fail their plans of unity, and to expose them in front of the world as disputing countries, each one of them trying to swallow its neighbors”.

That was the reason, since September 11th for describing the Arabs and the Muslims as “terrorists”. It is the first step for the emergence of the “New Middle East”. It became clear that disarming the Lebanese resistance, destroying Iraq and threatening Syria, are all means for reforming “The Middle East” but according to a Western Zionist identity.

The Middle East is, no doubt, shaping today. However, we trust that it will emergence as an Arab world governed by its faithful citizens who are aware of their interests, proud of their past and present, and ready to sacrifice for a honorable future for their children.