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ISIS Enrolls Arab Fighters in Mosul | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Kurdish Peshmerga forces look at a checkpoint held by ISIS militants on June 16, 2014 in Iraq’s second city of Mosul (AFP Photo/Karim Sahib)

Erbil-ISIS has consolidated its presence within Mosul by recruiting Arab and foreign fighters, according to an informed Kurdish official.

The official said that ISIS brought militants from Raqqa and other areas in Syria under its control as the Iraqi Forces prepare to enter as-Sherqat. Iraqi air forces dropped fliers over the city asking civilians to remain indoors and stay away from ISIS sites.

Last month, ISIS lost hundreds of its militants when fighting against Peshmerga in west and southwest of Mosul and Senjar. In addition, ISIS suffered several losses during international coalition raids and clashes with Iraqi security Forces during the liberation operation of Qayara.

Media official of the 14th district of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Mosul Said Momzini told Asharq Al-Awsat that in August around 548 ISIS militants were killed.

Momzini reported that Shura Council in Mosul sent a request to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS, for more weapons and fighters. He added that the council suggested the fighters withdrew from Nineveh Valley to Mosul in preparation for any possible attack.

The official added that the terrorist organization had brought more forces of Arab and foreign fighters from Raqqa and other Syrian areas under its control. According to his information, Momzini said that the fighters deployed inside Mosul in preparation for the battle with Iraqi forces.

Momzini added that the new force is part of Baghdadi’s personal security forces and were seen wandering in the city. Most of the new members, he stated, do not speak Arabic language.

The media official said that Iraqi warplanes dropped over one million leaflets over as-Sherqat warning the citizens not to get close to ISIS sites. The fliers asked civilians to stay indoors and avoid being used as human shields.
Iraqi security forces have besieged and are ready to begin the liberation operation.

Media official of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Ghyath Surji said that coalition forces had targeted ISIS center in the Arab neighborhood on the west side of Mosul. This led to the death of seven ISIS militants.
The coalition also raided a factory for preparing booby-trapped cars, killing seven fighters and injuring three others.

The media official said: “ISIS executed 17 of its own members after they fled from Qayara battles, south of Mosul.”
“The sentence was carried out by firing squad in Bab Tob in the city center,” he added.