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KRG Representative at EU: Gasoil Exports to Europe to Begin in 2019 | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Women traditionally form a major part of Kurdish fighting forces, and they are well represented among Kurdish forces in neighboring Turkey and Iraq. (File photo: AFP)

Erbil – Despite the important role of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in war on ISIS and good relations with western countries, Peshmerga still haven’t received its needed weapons to fight ISIS.

KRG officials said that the military aid sent by coalition is not enough.

Head Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Mission to the European Union (EU) Delavar Ajgeiy spoke of the relations between KRG and EU.

Ajgeiy told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that European countries are finding it difficult to arm the Peshmerga. He explained that due to fact that KRG is not an independent state, European countries can’t send weapons directly to KRG.

Head of EU mission added that Peshmerga will need some time to train on the developed western weapons, something Europeans always stressed on. He added that they said Peshmerga is well trained and has the suitable expertise to use Soviet weapons, but not the heavy and medium western weapons.

For that, Ajgeiy suggests that the EU trains new Peshmerga brigades like the U.S. is currently doing in training and equipping two Peshmerga brigades.

Ajgeiy ruled out any current military treaty between KRG and NATO.

As for KRG’s gasoil, Ajgeiy admitted that it might not be able to meet the European needs, but it shall cover a great portion of their future needs.

Ajgeiy spoke about the Kurdish-European gasoil project that will export gasoil to Europe through Turkey. He added that Ankara will not object such project because it will be of great benefit for the country.

According to Ajgeiy, the gasoil project will also be a political card Turkey could use in front of the EU.

Ajgeiy believes that EU will not hinder the aspirations of the Kurdish people in declaring independence from Iraq. He confirmed that both the Kurdish and European people believe Kurdish people’s right to self-determination, but no European country will bluntly instruct them to declare an independent state.

Head of KRG EU mission stated that EU can help KRG by devoting to paying part of Peshmerga salaries as U.S. did. He added that EU can also finance some of the strategic projects that were forced to shut down due to the economic crisis. He concluded that all of that is not much compared to KRG’s role in fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.