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Hariri-Berri-Jumblatt Meeting Highlights Conciliatory Slogans, Paves the Way for Electoral Alliances | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, Speaker Nabih Berri and MP Walid Jumblatt during their meeting in Beirut on Sunday evening (Photo from Walid Jumblatt’s Twitter account)

Beirut- A number of questions surrounded the meeting between Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, Speaker Nabih Berri and the head of the Democratic Gathering Bloc MP Walid Jumblatt at the latter’s residence in Beirut on Sunday evening. Some even went on to talk about a new political alliance or a “coup” that could leave its repercussions in the upcoming parliamentary elections or could be directed against certain parties, especially President Michel Aoun.

Analyses or expectations that encircled the meeting were quickly rejected by the concerned parties, who stressed that the main objective was to immunize Lebanon on the internal and external levels by emphasizing the need to prioritize national interests in light of latest developments and rapid change in the region.

On the other hand, sources close to the matter pointed out that the issue of Hezbollah was discussed during the meeting, especially with regards to the tightening of US sanctions against the movement.

Sources close to Hariri told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper that the tripartite meeting focused on three main headlines, including the government’s work and continuity, holding parliamentary elections on time and prioritizing Lebanon’s interests in light of the situation in the region.

MP Michel Moussa, for his part, said that the meeting was the “culmination of efforts that began a while ago, especially since President Berri is a friend of both parties and can play a positive role in this rapprochement.”

He also stressed that the meeting was not directed against any particular party, nor did it represent the foundation of a new alliance.

“It is no more than necessary and important political communication,” he stated.

Member of the Change and Reform Bloc, MP Amal Abu Zeid, ruled out that the tripartite meeting was directed against the president or any other party.

In a political talk, he said that the meeting aimed at “consolidating stability in the face of conflicts taking place in the region, especially as the situation in Lebanon is fragile, and the volcano is close to our borders.”