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Report Holds Insurgents Responsible for Majority of Human Rights Violations in Yemen - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive
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Aden, Taiz- The National Committee to investigate allegations of human rights’ violations in Yemen announced that it had monitored 7,818 cases during the period from September 2016 until June 2017.

In its third report, which was released on Tuesday in the temporary capital of Aden, the committee said that it has completed its investigation into 4,101 allegation cases, including 2,082 civilian deaths and 2,019 civilian casualties.

The committee said that it has monitored, during the same period, 176 cases of child recruitment and 362 cases of individual mine-laying, which resulted in the death of 138 people and the injury of 224 others.

It has also monitored 10 cases of alleged assault and damage to cultural and historical objects and property, 16 cases of alleged attacks on medical staff and health installations and 732 cases of forced displacement.

The report also revealed the results of the investigations carried out by the Commission related to international law during the past period. There were 693 cases of illegal prosecutions, 1,037 cases of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances, 386 cases of torture, 384 cases of house bombings.

National Committee’s Head Qaher Mustafa stressed that the report was meant to explain the major steps taken by the committee during its monitoring and investigation based on legal references and provide a full explanation of the results of the investigations and the causes of those violations.

Mustafa pointed out that security and political challenges and the continuation of the war have motivated the committee to investigate as much as possible in the allegations of human rights’ violations.

He called on international organizations, the non-governmental organizations and the local civil society to take a look at the report and provide the committee with an appropriate vision at the aim of improvement to reduce violations and promote human rights.

For her part, member of the National Committee Judge Sabah al-Alwani said that the total cases that have been monitored, documented and saved in the database since the beginning of the Committee’s work until the date of the report “amounted to 17,123 cases distributed among 20 types of violations, and the Commission has completed the investigation with 10,000 cases and 594 were monitored, and it was briefed by 16,191 victims and witnesses”.